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The Blob Mob

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A cat-herding game. The player controls a "leader" that other characters onscreen follow, and must lead the other characters to congregate in a designated "goal" area.

Team Information
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Jordan Johnson
Teacher, Georgiana Bruce Kirby Preparatory School, Santa Cruz, CA
jmjatfellowhuman [dot] com
Programmer / Designer

Jacob Curtis
UCSC Student
jrcurtisatucsc [dot] edu
Programmer / Designer

Clement Tran
UCSC Student
cltitranatucsc [dot] edu

Joel Minor
UCSC Student
jminoratucsc [dot] edu
Designer (& Graphics & Sound work)


jmjatfellowhuman [dot] com

Game Submission
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Unzip the game package, and open release/GGJ.html in your preferred Web browser.

Brief Play Description: 

You are the Blob leader. Lead your Blobs.

The Blob leader's task is a lonely and difficult one. You will need to convince a contentious herd of Blobs with strong opposing views to get on board with your plan to lead them to a better future. In this case, a better future is a brown rectangle, but hey, Blobs like brown.

Blobs are either red, blue, or purple. The red and blue Blobs have been at war for years over who knows what, and the purple Blobs just want everybody to get along. You will need to use your Blob's charisma to draw enough of the Blobs to follow you to the goal. This is complicated by the fact that Blobs are notoriously fickle, and easily convinced to change sides.

Like-minded Blobs will band together into larger groups, but the larger a group gets, the more chance for dissenters in its ranks to form splinter groups and go off on their own. Blobs also don't like for their leader to sit still; if you let a group hover around you for too long, it's likely to split up for that reason as well.

As in real life, you can't get everybody to agree with you. Just try to get as many as possible to follow you to the goal before time runs out.

The arrow keys move your Blob. 'Shift' pauses and unpauses the game.

If you feel you have enough Blobs at your goal, press 'Space' at any time to end the game. If you take too long, though, time will run out and you'll be stuck with whatever supporters you happen to have in the goal.

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Web - Client side (Java/Flash/ASP/Javascript)


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