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2009. It happened again.
The Dow Jones, the Lehman Brothers – everything collapsed. People were fired, and now have NOTHING TO LOSE.
Although, living in Israel has its advantages. There are no problems to find very cheap explosives, and use them to blow up your bosses’ and ex-colleagues’ cars.

In this mobile phone game, you will play two canned employees who plan to plant bombs in every car in the company's parking lot. You can only control each of them at a time, and while at it, watch out of security guards. Bombs away!

Team Information
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Full Name / affiliation / email / role: 

Eyal Rabinovich /eyalratmominis [dot] com /
Zvi Rabinovich /zviratmominis [dot] com / GUI ,Gameplay
Dor Kleiman AKA The Configurator / configuratoratgmail [dot] com
Ilya Chernyakov AKA eliuha / eliuhaatgmail [dot] com GUI ,Gameplay
Elite Irelander AKA Red /elite [dot] iratgmail [dot] com, Design , Graphics, nice jokes target


eliuhaatgmail [dot] com

Game Submission
Installation Notes: 

The ready version will be provided as a *.jar file and should be easily installed using your phone vendor's method .

for nokia : http://www.nokiausa.com/A4410023
for somy - ericson http://www.esato.com/archive/t.php/t-100772

Brief Play Description: 

After you download and install the game, take a look and the intro screen, because it would probably be the last time you would see it . The instructions for the game play can be found there.

Basically, you are playing two characters: the Hero and the Shero. You can switch between the character using the key "1". Your mission is placing a bomb on the executive (yellow) cars, while avoiding the guards, and escape from the scene quietly.

Note that both character need to be within the visible screen area at all time. Play at your on risk.

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