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The Chaplin Brothers

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“As long as we have each other, we will never run out of problems”

The Chaplin Brothers is a two-player casual game in a “Chaplin-esque humour movie” setting, in which the players play the part of two brothers that are accidentally bound to each other by handcuffs they found in a park. So, each movement action (or inaction) of each brother affects the movement of both, all the times. Thus, the two players must forcibly collaborate to find the key to the handcuffs (that the real criminals threw away after getting free), as quickly as possible, while avoiding obstacles and the people that are in the park.

Team Information
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Frank da Silva Malcher / ufpe / digitalgdiatyahoo [dot] com [dot] br / Game Designer
Niésio Adriano da Silva / C.E.S.A.R / niesioatgmail [dot] com / Game Programmer
Luciano José / Manifesto Game Studio/ lucianojoseatsharpgames [dot] net / Game Programmer
Lucas Figueiredo Lima / ufpe / figolucasathotmail [dot] com / Artist
Ricardo Guimarães / - / ricardoguimaraes86athotmail [dot] com / Artist


lucianojoseatsharpgames [dot] net

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The game uses a top view, and starts with both Chaplin Brothers at the center of the park. They are completely bound to each other by the hands. Each player controls the movement intent of one brother: WASD for the first player; Arrow keys for the second. Up/down keys makes a brother try to walk forward/backwards; Right/Left keys makes a brother attempt to turn clockwise/counter-clockwise. Despite of this, the actual movement performed by both brothers comes from the interplay between the inputs of both players at each moment (or lack of them) – this is the core gameplay and main USP of The Chaplin Brothers.

Each brother has a “Life bar” that takes damage in any collision (with NPCs or obstacles). A timer starts at 0, and goes up until one brother “dies” (game over!), or find a key (you win!). The high score table shows the players that found the key in less time.

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Windows 98/2K/XP or DOS
Windows Vista


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