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The curse of peppie, the perilous and interdimensional escape from body and soul into nirvana.

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Trapped in your mortal daily life your body and soul are struggling to survive the daily problems of swarms of incomming evilness. Turn the badness into good by using it to levitate your soul into a higher state to enhance both body and soul. To become etherial: lure one of the creatures into a 'red node of wisdom'. The etherial state is only temporary so use it wisely! Keep working your way up the ladder of enlightenment until you reach the ultimate goal: nirvana!

This game is created in 46 hours for the global game jam 2009.

Team Information
Number of Members: 
Full Name / affiliation / email / role: 

Laurens 't Jong, graphics artist & game designer, laurens [dot] tjongatgmail [dot] com
Sander Smid, programmer & game designer, sander [dot] smidatgmail [dot] com
Johan Donderwinkel, programmer & game designer, johan [dot] donderwinkelatgmail [dot] com
Arjan Janssen, programmer & game designer, arjan [dot] janssenatgmail [dot] com
Kent Kuné, graphics & sound artist & game designer, kentatkentyman [dot] net


sander [dot] smidatgmail [dot] com

Game Submission
the latest and greatest
Installation Notes: 

- .Net Framework 3.5
- XNA Game Studio 3.0
- Latest version of DirectX

Basicly you should be able to double click the executable when the above requirements are met. We did not test this on PC's without XNA Game Studio so we added this as a requirement. The full source is included and available from the website so you can open the solution file and compile the game yourself.

Brief Play Description: 

Left & right arrow to steer, spacebar to jump.
(or if you have a xbox controller steer with the left stick jump with the A button)
make your way to the top, stay out of the rising tide of evilness, while mortal: avoid the creatures, while ethereal: collect the creatures to feed your body. Your soul attrachts all kinds of evil

Game Characteristics: 
Side Scroller
Windows 98/2K/XP or DOS
Windows Vista


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