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Each & Other's Problematic Adventure

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Each & Other's Problematic Adventure is a two-player game in which the players play the part of Each and Other while they try to outrun their problems. It's a time-ridden climbing game in which the two players must collaborate to reach the top of each level avoiding being caught by the wave of problems that crawls up behind them at a speed that is proportional to their proximity to one another.

The adjective incorporated in the game is “Persistent”, which is represented here by both the persistence of Each and Other in surpassing their Problems, and the persistence of the game environment itself against the destructive power of the wave of Problems.

The main mood aspects are Urgency, Desperate Collaboration against a common enemy and Survival in a unstable environment. All of them used to strengthen the Persistence aspect of the game.

Team Information
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Amauri Dantas, AIS, amauridatgmail [dot] com, Artist
Antunes Vila Nova Neto, Educandus, avilanovanetoatgmail [dot] com, Artist
Augusto Vilarim, Playlore, acvilarimatgmail [dot] com, Programmer
Bruno Palermo, IGDA Recife, brunoatgamesintheattic [dot] com, Game Designer
Diogo Bazante, UFPE, diogo_bazanteathotmail [dot] com, Sound Designer
Juliana Miranda, IGDA Recife, gd [dot] julianaatgmail [dot] com, Game Designer
Khalil Amorim, UNICAP, khalilamorimathotmail [dot] com, Programmer
Saulo Vilela, AIS, saulorvathotmail [dot] com, Artist


acvilarimatgmail [dot] com

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Not applicable, since no instalation is required.

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Climb the platforms and get to the top of each level with both Each and Other without being caught by their Problems. Some platforms can be climbed by both and some are character-specific. But watch out! Avoid being close to one another or the Problems will come faster for you both!

Each Controls
A: Moves left
D: Moves right
S: Press to Jump, hold for Super Jump

Other Controls
LEFT: Moves left
RIGHT: Moves right
DOWN: Press to Jump, hold for Super Jump

Game Files: 
Game Characteristics: 
Side Scroller
Web - Client side (Java/Flash/ASP/Javascript)


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