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Effing Sweet

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Our specific constraint is "As long as we have each other, we will never run out of problems." After delving into this prompt we felt the best way to convey this phrase interactively was to adopt the theme of addiction. We have setup a system of very complex interactions involving cause and effect to help convey the sense of addiction.

Addiction is something that is becoming a norm in our society. Our game is to be used as a self inflection exercise to teach you about your inner motivations and give you a sense of how much of an "addictive personality" you have. That is, how likely you are to allow external forces determine your thought process. Our key demographic is males and females aged 13 - 25 who are more prone towards substance abuse. They will use our game as an interactive simulation to determine their likelihood of making smart personal decisions.

Effing Sweet puts the player in diverse situations that test their ability to reason and make swift decisions. However, this is not as easy as it sounds. By utilizing negative and positive feedback we are able test the player's resolve and decision making ability. A quick witted player will realize early on that the decisions they are making have a much deeper impact on their play session that initially assumed.

We hope that players will enjoy the exploratory personal adventure and the complex interactions we have set up for them to experience. Overall the best possible outcome of a play through of Effing Sweet will make the player seriously think about their internal motivations in a new light.

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Anthony Urso - Ohio University - tmursoatgmail [dot] com - Producer
Bryan Pearson - Independent Developer - bryan [dot] pearsonatgmail [dot] com - Artist
Adam Moore - Ohio University - am102804atohio [dot] edu - Programmer
Sheri Kayam - Lockheed Martin - sheri [dot] kayamatgmail [dot] com - Programmer


teamflashjellyatgmail [dot] com

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Taking place from a top down perspective, you explore a vast set of corridors while picking up orbs along the way. These orbs have special abilities associated with them that will facilitate your journey across this unknown territory. However, you must be careful and use them in moderation or unforeseen consequences will undoubtedly occur. The goal of the game is to collect as many objects as you can without exceeding your limit. Experiment by starting each play session heading in a different direction, yet be ever vigilant with each decision you make. Once you go down a certain path the journey back will become ever more daunting.

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Web - Client side (Java/Flash/ASP/Javascript)


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