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Escape From Ralph's Seafooditorium with Ursula and Olly

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Characters: Ursula the Sea Urchin and Olly the Gum Bubble

Storyline: The unfortunate sea urchin is trapped in a box of (supposedly) frozen seafood delivered to a shady seafood restaurant (Ralph's Seafooditorium, Home of the Flapping Clam!). Thrust unjustly into the freezer, hung out to dry, so to speak, the sea urchin encounters a lonely wad of bubblegum who is late for an awesome party. The two decide to work together to accomplish their goals- escape and party! Inflating the bubble gum and lashing herself to him with some loose strands of hair, Ursula and Olly traverse the dangers of the sketchy restaurant, from the icy freezer, to the fiery kitchen, across the aquatic arena of the dishwasher, through the jungle salad bar, and up the industrial air vent! The journey is not without its perils, though- dirty silverware, frozen fiends, and killer croutons wait to stop our fearless friends! Too many hits to Olly and gravity begins to take its toll, but hit Ursula too much and she'll expand, poking Olly and plummeting to her peril!

Play sessions should last less than 5 minutes throughout each level.
The two characters need each other to escape, but also pose a significant threat to one another.
Sea Urchins are spiky. Pointed. Get it?

Team Information
Number of Members: 
Full Name / affiliation / email / role: 

Dr. Casey O'Donnell * caseyodatuga [dot] edu * http://www.caseyodonnell.org/

Dr. Casey O'Donnell*
Brandon Treadway brandonatbrandontreadway [dot] com
Enrico Galli egalliatuga [dot] edu
Stephen Borden skatebordenatgmail [dot] com

2-D Illustrators / Animators
Jason Allen * www.jasondallen.com jasondallen80atgmail [dot] com
Alliene B. Phillips Allieneatgmail [dot] com
Thomas Liebert thomasatthomasliebert [dot] com
Mark Mooney * mjmoon15atgmail [dot] com

3-D Modelers / Animators:
Josh Marsh * www.bedlampark.com scyndanatgmail [dot] com
Thomas Liebert
Bienna Song * songbeeatuga [dot] edu

Writers & Dialogue:
Jordan Lynn jordanlatuga [dot] edu
Victoria Costilla vicosloatuga [dot] edu
Stephen Borden
Joshua Clark redforsakenatlive [dot] com
Thomas Satwicz tsatwiczatgmail [dot] com

Music Composition Composed and Performed by:
Bryan Higa bryhigaatgmail [dot] com
Dan Wentworth rrrrecordsatgmail [dot] com

Sound Design:
Alliene B. Phillips *
Jordan Lynn *
Victoria Costilla vicosloatuga [dot] edu
Bryan Higa bryhigaatgmail [dot] com
Dan Wentworth * rrrrecordsatgmail [dot] com
Joshua Clark*

Credits by:
Thomas Liebert
Jordan Lynn

Special Thanks To:
Mark Mooney, Donut Retrieval Expert
Dr. Scott Shamp (New Media Institute), Sponsor
Matthew Hewett (Play N Trade) Sponsor


jordanlatuga [dot] edu

Game Submission
Installation Notes: 

Run the .EXE directly from the release directory. Use the arrow keys on your keyboard to control Ursula and Olly.j

The file is big.


Brief Play Description: 

Mechanics: The two partners float through each level. Many potential collisions abound- dangers from above affect Oly, and dangers from below affect Ursula. As Oly gets hit, he deflates and begins to succumb to the power of gravity and makes Ursula more likely to get hit- as Ursula gets hit, she expands, and if she gets hit three times she'll pop Oly. The goal is to get to the end of each level as soon as possible, as a score bonus is based on speed of completion- but go too fast, and Oly may pop, and the score resets to zero.

Game Characteristics: 
Side Scroller
Windows 98/2K/XP or DOS
Windows Vista


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