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We first though its imposible to make a game within 48 hours. But after that we said why not. Then we joined to GGJ. I didnt sleept over 36 hours. But now I think its worth to that. I get good friends.my new friends and I are happy. We loved GGJ and I think we all winner. Thanks to all and we looking for next :D

Team Information
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Hasan Milli / None / hasan [dot] milliatgmail [dot] com / Senior Mobile Game Developer
S. Ferit Arslan / None / ferit [dot] arslanatgmail [dot] com / Senior C# Developer
Yalcin Gozukucuk / None / yalcin_ayaz24athotmail [dot] com / Graphics and Game Design
Zekai Turan / None / zekai [dot] turanatgmail [dot] com / Developer and Tester


hasan [dot] milliatgmail [dot] com or ferit [dot] arslanatgmail [dot] com

Game Submission
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You can send jar file to your j2me supported mobile phone which have 240x320 resolution and 1.5 MB heap size. You can also play it via mobile emulators like Sun or Sony Ericsson emulators.

I added a jar player. I think you can play our game by it.

Brief Play Description: 

Use arrow keys to move alien planets out of our planet's gravity area

Game Characteristics: 
Other (Explain in the description)


I hope you like it

I hope you like it


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