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Gum 'o' Flavor

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'o' Flavor is a tinny bubble gum who lives in the candy world but he don´t have any flavour and sweetyness. The mission is help him take all the sugar and tastes to become a Tutti-Frutti gum himself!

Pac-Man game based made in XNA, every time you reach near a sugar bag or a taste, some trouble will happen. Mouths can run towards you, and bite, shoes can hit you... so, its kind of a adventure to bring the happines back!

Team Information
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Full Name / affiliation / email / role: 

Carollina Cotta / UVA-RIO / carollcottaatgmail [dot] com / Animator and Game Designer
Marcelo Panaro / UFF-RJ / mzamithatic [dot] uff [dot] br / Programmer and Game Designer
Pedro Thiago / UFF-RJ / pedrothiagoathotmail [dot] com/ Animator and Game Designer

Game Submission
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Default installation

Brief Play Description: 

Use only the directions keys and try to collect all the items.

Game Characteristics: 
Windows Vista


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