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Off With Her Head

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"Off With Her Head" is part of a series of games I've been working on for the past year driven by interactive dialogue. Here, the art of conversation takes the form of turn-based RPG style battle gameplay, as the player assumes the role of an Executioner in an Arabian Nights-style fable, tasked with beheading all the women in a faraway kingdom who refuse to join the King's harem. Besides here, the game can also be played at www.designersdilemma.wordpress.com.

Team Information
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Bob Clark/ opusrawataol [dot] com/ Writer, Designer, Artistr, Programmer

*While the following two did not participate in the Global Game Jam, their work in helping me with my code and programming over the years has been crucial to the games I've been able to create, and I'd be sorely remiss if I didn't give them special thanks.

Matt Fargo/ mfargoatgmail [dot] com/ Programmer

Tim Stutts/ timstuttsatgmail [dot] com/ Programmer


opusrawataol [dot] com

Game Submission
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Simply unzip the compressed folder, keep all the related files in the same folder, and run the SWF in your Flash player.

Brief Play Description: 

"Off With Her Head" is a game of turn-based conversation-- when it's your turn to speak, use the Arrow Keys or the on-screen buttons to choose a response. You can press Up to say Yes, Down to say No, Left to ask a Question and Right to give an Answer.

Questions are the equivalent of attacks in turn-based RPG combat, and everything else is the equivalent of a shield-- ask enough questions and you'll drain your opponent's life, and choose the right response and you'll refill your own lost life. For every second you hesitate, however, you slowly lose life.

Throughout the game, you can choose to cut off the heads of the King's prisoners, or keep trying to save them by persuading them to join his harem. If you cut off too many heads, the game is over, but if you save enough prisoners, you'll win.

Game Characteristics: 
Windows 98/2K/XP or DOS
Windows Vista
Mac OS - PPC
Mac OS - Intel


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