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The Hueys

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The hueys come to town! And paint the town Red....Green, Yellow AND Blue

Team Information
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Kevin Lynch - 2D art, audio and design
klynch18atcaledonian [dot] ac [dot] uk

Jamie McInerney - 2D art, design and programming
jmcine10atcaledonian [dot] ac [dot] uk

John Paul McMahon - programming
jmcmah15atcaledonian [dot] ac [dot] uk

All members of this team are part of the 4th year Games Software Development course at Glasgow Caledonian University.


geez [dot] a [dot] gameatgooglemail [dot] com

Game Submission
Installation Notes: 

Please install .Net 3.5 and Xna redistributable 3.0 in that order. Then Run setup.exe

Brief Play Description: 

Guiding the Huey's from left to right ensuring that they will remain in colour for the duration of the level.

Each huey has its own unique ability

Green - Jump over obstacles
Red - Push Objects
Yellow - Climb vertical walls
Blue - Cross water obstacles

In this version only Huey Green's functionality has been implemented. (i.e. Jumping)

The hueys will move from left to right as a group but that is all that the group can do as a whole. Pressing the associated button the Xbox 360 controller will seperate each heuy from the pack (i.e. Huey Red = B)

Once a huey is seperated from the group the other heuys begin to drain thus creating a time limit for the puzzle to be completed before the hueys loose thier hue.

Filters can be used to change each huey into a different coloured heuy depending on which filter they cross through, therefore procuring the functionality of that colour. White filters revert the huey to its original hue.

Switches can be used to change the colour of the filters.

Enjoy :)

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Windows 98/2K/XP or DOS
Windows Vista


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