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Johnny Fetus

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Two Alien Fetuses in a womb.  

Food slowly descends down the oesophagus /feeding pipe.  Each fetus is fed by a tube from the oesophagus .  Music plays and each tube alternately glows in time withthe music.  
The player must move the control mechanism left and right, keeping in time with the music/glowing.  The time spent between the left and right tubes defines the proportion of the food that is fed to each fetus.
As time progresses the music slowly increases tempo and the rate of glowing increases. If one fetus gets more food than the other then it will slowly mutate into a monster and suck down even more food.  The other fetus will slowly shrivel and lose sucking power.  This will cause the player to over compensate in order to restore feeding balance
Eventually one of the fetuses will overpower the other and cause the smaller fetus to wither and die.  Game over.

Team Information
Number of Members: 
Full Name / affiliation / email / role: 

Andy Hynes, miniweb.tv, game design/programmer
Brian McDonald, Glasgow Caledonian University, Brian [dot] McDonaldatgcal [dot] ac [dot] uk, Programmer
Stephen Uzor, Glasgow Caledonian University, Artist
Bez Shahriari, University of West of Scotland, Artist
Donald Hutichson, Glasgow Caledonian University, Programmer


Brian [dot] McDonaldatgcal [dot] ac [dot] uk

Game Submission
Installation Notes: 

1)Install .Net 3.5 Framework by double clicking on dotNetFx35Setup.exe
2)Install XNA by double clicking on xnafx30_redist.msi.
3)Install Johhny Fetus by double clicking on setup.exe

To run Johnny Fetus double click on the shortcut on the Desktop or inside the start menu

Brief Play Description: 

Requires XBox 360 controller

Keep the foetuses alive by balancing the feeding of then through the feeding tubes.
Wiggle the left hand XBOX 360 controller in time with the feeding meter.
Save Johnny Fetus.

Game Files: 
Game Characteristics: 
Windows 98/2K/XP or DOS


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