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Lash La Rue on holiday featuring Juan the duck

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Best of Friends Lash La Rue and Juan the Duck are travelling the world together. But everyone has their own problems, proud of his culture Juan never leaves behind his poncho, and therefore cannot fly. Lash La Rue on the other hand, is terrified of the water, together they will successfully tour the world’s jungles, deserts, wetlands and mountains, and they both know that if they didn’t have each other they would get nowhere.
Although, having their own busy lives, the two only booked out a certain amount of holiday for their world tour, with only a fortnight’s travel to go, they must be as quick as possible if they want to visit all fourteen destinations before they close, and if they don’t work together, they’ll only spend their whole holiday arguing.

Team Information
Number of Members: 
Full Name / affiliation / email / role: 

Timothy Wayman / University of Wales, Newport (Graduate) / timwayman4athotmail [dot] com / designer, coder
Catherine Woolley / University of Wales, Newport / catherineatcatmoo [dot] co [dot] uk / designer
Charlotte Woolley / University of Wales, Newport / cptalbertwesker04athotmail [dot] com / designer, coder


kittydogatdoom3portal [dot] com

Game Submission
Installation Notes: 

Execute the file Lash_La_Rue.exe

Brief Play Description: 

You play as Lash La Rue the Cajun squirrel and Juan the Mexican duck, you work with each other to progress through the game.

The game is in an unfinished state, but hopes to to be finished over time. If you wish to keep up to date to any changes that will be made to the game, check up on www.catmoo.co.uk/blog every now and again :).

The game has been tested and runs on Windows 7 as well.

Game Characteristics: 
Side Scroller
Windows 98/2K/XP or DOS
Windows Vista
Other (Explain in the description)


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