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Let's Shooting Love

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The theme of the game jam was the quote, "As long as we have each other we will never run out of problems", with an additional choice of adjectives. We selected "Evolved."

Our game is a 2-D arena shooter featuring a robot that falls in love with several female robot, each with her own ability and atmosphere. In keeping with the theme, the longer the robot stays with a partner, their relationship will evolve, making her stronger, but increasing the difficulty of the game. When the robot "breaks up" with his partner, the difficulty is reset, but so is the score multiplier, and he cannot immediately reunite with the same female robot. This forces the player to keep changing strategies in order to get the highest score possible while trying to keep the relationship at a moderate level. Throughout the game, the robot recalls memories of a love before.

Team Information
Number of Members: 
Full Name / affiliation / email / role: 

Bryan Chamchoum / USC/ Bry125ataol [dot] com/ Game Designer
Sebastian Janisz / USC / Janiszatusc [dot] edu / Programmer
Selene Tan / Harvey Mudd / meatselenetan [dot] com / AI and Sound
Elliot Trinidad / Justice League of America / scypheratgmail [dot] com / Art & Visual Design
Andrea Chang / USC/UCLA / andreachang467atyahoo [dot] com / Composer


Bry125ataol [dot] com

Game Submission
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Run LSL.EXE file.

Brief Play Description: 

A lonely robot seeks out four uniquely lovely partners and fights off their shared enemies with lasers, rockets, and beam swords. Players rack up points with huge multipliers, but must be careful not to stay with one partner for too long - the longer they are together, the more problems arise.

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Windows 98/2K/XP or DOS

Sad Guys

Trojan Horse

Whenever I download lsl.zip, I get a warning that the file apparently is infected with a trojan.

Let's Shooting Love

Hahaha, that actually kinda

Hahaha, that actually kinda funny. The game is about robots so we named a few things after computer viruses. So, there shouldnt be a problem.


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