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We start our lives attached. And even though the cord gets cut, we are hardwired to immediately choose to forge new bonds. As we move on in life, we create new attachments. Each one appears to be a solution but turns out to be the cause of new and bigger problems.

In this game you choose to whom or what you want to attach yourself during your lifetime. You will need these alliances to move ahead in the game, but be prepared for some aggravation. Powerups will help you grow and overcome some obstacles, as long as you have cleared earlier problems when you had the opportunity.

Team Information
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The team


Joris Dormans Lecturer HVA*, Game Designer/programmer, jdatjorisdormans [dot] nl

Remco van Swieten Lecturer HVA*, Game Programmer/designer, rvanswietenatgmail [dot] com

Jeroen de Geus Lecturer HogeschoolInholland**, Game Designer jeroen [dot] de [dot] geusatinholland [dot] nl

Visual Design

Irma Chaigneau: Artist, Conceptualiser Irma [dot] chaigneauatgmail [dot] com

Dop Terlingen Lecturer HVA* and HogeschoolInholland**, Designer, Animator d [dot] terlinghenathva [dot] nl

Jeroen de Geus Lecturer HogeschoolInholland** Game Designer jeroen [dot] de [dot] geusatinholland [dot] nl

Sound Design

Gidi van Liempd, Game Designer,owner Gee!Design gidiatgeedesign [dot] com

Hans Odijk Lecturer ROC ASA, Programmer, jlodijkatgmail [dot] com


n8rustatgmail [dot] com

Game Submission
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flash player 9.0 or better

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Mind the clock, and don’t run out of time
You automatically move forward
To jump: Press Spacebar
To move back: Press Control

Game Files: 
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Side Scroller
Web - Client side (Java/Flash/ASP/Javascript)


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