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Monster <3 Kitty

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Monster<3Kitty is a 2D sidescrolling platform and puzzle game. The main theme of the game is how the relationship between the Kitty and the Monster causes them both problems. The Kitty's love for the monster has led it into a dangerous monster world where the Monster needs to protect it. In monster world, Kitty's love and cuteness shines like a bright beacon that attracts the hostile monsters. Placing the Kitty in the Monster's mouth temporarily subdues the Kitty's brightness. In monster world, cats really have nine lives, and your Kitty starts with all 9 intact. To protect the Kitty, Monster must escort Kitty through ten areas of monster world before Kitty's 9 lives are up.

Team Information
Number of Members: 
Full Name / affiliation / email / role: 

Andrew Carroll / 1stPlayable , IGDA / andrew [at] 1stplayable [dot] com / Programming, Level Design

Andrew Dolce / RPI / dolcea [at] rpi [dot] edu / Programming, Level Design

Dan Nottingham / RPI / nottingham.dan [at] gmail [dot] com / Programming, Level Design

Jim Kane / RPI / kanej7 [at] rpi [dot] edu / Art, Animation

Ian Stead: / 1st Playable, IGDA Coordinator / ian [at] 1stplayable [dot] com / Art, Design

Megan Perry / IGDA Coordinator / megan [at] wreckreation [dot] org / Design, Audio

David Allen: / 1st Playable, IGDA / david [at] 1stplayable [dot] com / Art

Kelsey Saulnier / RPI / saulnk [at] rpi [dot] edu / Design


monster [dot] heart [dot] kittyatgmail [dot] com

Game Submission
Installation Notes: 

Open "release" folder. Run "setup.exe". Find the 'MHK' folder in the Start Menu and run MHK.

Brief Play Description: 

In Monster<3Kitty you have to safely bring the kitty to the exit of each room to pass the 10 levels. Monster can walk by the enemy monsters but kitty will be eaten when touching them. You can carry kitty, jump while carrying kitty, throw kitty and hide kitty in your mouth while enemy monsters pass. Kitty can also activate switches to open doors or reveal platforms. Kitty has 9 lives - use them well!

Game Characteristics: 
Side Scroller
Windows 98/2K/XP or DOS
Windows Vista



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Team Make Game

<3 Kitty!

Wow, I highly enjoyed your game. There's something about when Monster hides kitty in his mouth you can't help but laugh at!

Wished you had included your VS solution... That would have made it easy to deploy the code to the 360!

Nineteen Llamas

VS sln

We'll be updating the project's /src on this site with the full solution.

There's a problem in the solution file that makes it impossible to deploy to 360 without modifications.

FYI, it's a bad idea to use unsupported characters (unicode hearts for instance) in your .sln names or you can't deploy to the 360.

Glad you enjoyed!

Team Make Game


Rebuilt the solution myself... And it plays well on the 360!

When you get it on the 360, take note of the that you've got stuff outside of the title safe area on the TV. The last "Kitty" is affected by this and is off screen. A couple of game play elements, like a switches are partically on screen for this reason as well.

- Grash

Nineteen Llamas

Title safe area

Thanks for the heads-up about that. Version 2 should have those issues addressed.

The Kranzky Bros.



Nineteen Llamas


The game is still in the works, and will end up on Xbox Live Arcade at some point (with additional content).

We appreciate the kind word!


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