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Planet Om Nom

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You play as the character Sol who has just started out his life amoung the stars. It is your job to guide Sol on his path and help him find the nutrition he needs to survive and grow into a larger star.

You can direct Sol's Solar Flair to help him obtain nutrition by use of the Microsoft Xbox 360 Controler. This controler can also move Sol around the galexy to eat the nutrition on his own with out need for the solar flair. However, watch out some of the nutrition will escape Sol's mass.

Good luck and may the power of the stars guid you.

Team Information
Number of Members: 
Full Name / affiliation / email / role: 

Graeme Kane / Student / gkane19atcaledonian [dot] ac [dot] uk / Programmer
Christopher Gough/Student/cgough11atcaledonian [dot] ac [dot] uk/programmer/Designer
Daniel Gough/Student/ut3exp1athotmail [dot] co [dot] uk/Programmer/Desiner
Matthew Sharpe / Student / sharpoidathotmail [dot] co [dot] uk / design/programming/art


fortyeighthourslaterathotmail [dot] co [dot] uk

Game Submission
Installation Notes: 

1. Open the Folder
2. Double click the testGame3.exe

Brief Play Description: 

The left analouge stick on the Microsoft Xbox 360 controller will move Sol around the stars to get his own nutrition.

The Right analouge stick will move the aimming trigger around Sol to help him aim his Solar Flair.

The Right Triger will send out Sol's Solar Flair that will drag nutrition to him from distances.

The B button will cancle the Solar Flair's grasp should Sol grap something that is no nutrition.

The Back button will Exit the game back to your OS.

Game Files: 
Game Characteristics: 
Xbox 360
Windows 98/2K/XP or DOS
Windows Vista


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