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Pork Chopped (It's Honey-Glazed MayHAM)

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The three pigs know that the wolf is about to eat them and have three minutes to build a house from the materials in the middle of the field. The wolf, being a lazy sort, will eat the two pigs in the easiest houses to break at the end of three minutes.

Need three PC enabled XBOX controllers.

Team Information
Number of Members: 
Full Name / affiliation / email / role: 

Matthew Jones - Student - dirkmatthewjamesonatyahoo [dot] com
Executive Producer/Project Lead/Lead Animation Programmer

Brandon Keel - Student - thegreatfrostyathotmail [dot] com
Lead Artist/Concept Artist/Lead Character Design

Bill J. Cobb III - Student - treesixty3atyahoo [dot] com
Lead Audio Design/Lead Music Editor/Texture Artist

J.R. Cooper - Student - toothandnail83atgmail [dot] com
Lead Architect/Texture Design/Texture Artist

Thomas Stewart - Student - thomas_kinkadeatlive [dot] com
Logic Programmer/Game Physics

Matthew Cook - Student - xboxfever2oolatyahoo [dot] com
Logic Programmer/Game Physics/Texture Artist

Noah Frusher - Student - nfrusheratgmail [dot] com
Logic Programmer/Game Physics

Christopher R.B. Pierce - Student - otakuatvvm [dot] com
Texture Artist/Foley Artist


dirkmatthewjamesonatyahoo [dot] com

Game Submission
Installation Notes: 

Unfortunately, we did not get as finished as we would have liked to and, as a result, have nothing for you to install. We've only had about three weeks of XNA.

Brief Play Description: 

Three player versus mode pits each pig against the other. Getting the materials (brick, wood, straw and, occasionally, steel) causes the pigs to move slower based on weight. The stronger materials take longer to build but make the house stronger. The wolf is selling destructive items at the bottom of the screen at the cost of a "snack." By trading a limb (arm or leg) to the wolf, he'll give you items that can steel house materials from other player's houses. After losing a limb, the pig will also bleed (a lot or a little, depending on severity) on the play field, their blood causing another speed reduction to other pigs, but their own speed will be reduced as well, depending on their number of legs. Occasionally, the wolf will offer the free item 'Mutagen' which will transform the pig into Ultra-Piggy, freeing them from move restrictions and allowing them to quickly steel any or all of the four house layers from their brother pigs. Each material has an unseen number value, and, at the end of three minutes, the houses values are totaled along with the number of remaining limbs on each pig; highest score doesn't get eaten (wins).

Game Characteristics: 
Windows 98/2K/XP or DOS
Windows Vista
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