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Potential Difference

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This is a game where each player needs to shoot enemies of opposite colour/charge
in order to gain points. But there is a catch! Ah Ha!!!

Each players character is continuously losing health and in order to gain health they must collect enemies of their own colour.

So while player2 is killing all your colour enemies you are trying to get him to stop because you are slowly dying and are trying your damndest to collect any bit of health that slips through his masterfull firing.

We would have liked to deploy to Xbox 360 but we ran out of time.
The game will however work on windows based machines using either keyboard or Xbox 360 for pc controllers.

The game is 2 player only.

-Peter McMillan
-Joseph Burke
-Gavin Kincaid-

Team Information
Number of Members: 
Full Name / affiliation / email / role: 

Peter McMillan / Tipperary Institute / peter [dot] mcmillanattippsoc [dot] ie / Programmer, music composer, Graphics design

Joe Burke / Tipperary Institute / joseph [dot] burkeatstudent [dot] tippinst [dot] ie / Programmer, menu design, audio contoller, game timer

Gavin Kincaid / Tipperary Insitute / gavin [dot] kincaidattippsoc [dot] ie / sound effects creation, sound effects editing, sound effects design

Game Submission
Installation Notes: 

Run the setup file.
The game is installed under Program Files/Microsoft.

Brief Play Description: 

This is a two player game. Each player can controls either a Positive or Negative ball.
The positive ball can only shoot negative enemies and will gain points for doing this.
The negative ball can only shoot positive enemies and will also gain points for doing this.

Each players health continuously decrements and they need to collect their own colour enemies in order to gain health and thus stay alive.

Enemies are trapped behind a barrier and escape through a gate that srolls up and down and as time passes gets gradually wider.

The game lasts 5 mins
if a player collides with the opposite colour enemy he will lose health.

Keyboard controls are documented in the help section of the menu.
Xbox 360 controllers are also implemented.
leeft thumbsticks to move. A to fire.

The game ends when a player loses all health.

Game Characteristics: 
Windows 98/2K/XP or DOS
Windows Vista


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