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Propaganda: War of the Words

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Propaganda is a multiplayer worms-style game shooting game.

The purpose of the game is to promote a message of your choice, while destroying the opponents' messages. Promoting messages is done by placing signs, with your message on them, across the world. Destroying messages is done by aiming your cannons to hit the opponents' signs and/or cannons.

Fight to spread your word!
But what will remain of the world?

online game at

our wiki is at http://propaganda-game.pbwiki.com/

Team Information
Number of Members: 
Full Name / affiliation / email / role: 

Dudi Peles / PiSoft, QuizArt, BoB / dudipelesatgmail [dot] com / Game designer, client (Flash) programmer

Ido Tzang / entrepreneur / iatidotzang [dot] com / Server programmer (Java)

Rotem Bar / Indomite / rotembatgmail [dot] com / Client (Flash) programmer

Sonya Novosolov / Apocalypseart / recicleyouranimalsatgmail [dot] com / Art

David Nahmias / Grey Interactive / dna464atyahoo [dot] com / Creative copywriter


dudipelesatgmail [dot] com

Game Submission
Installation Notes: 

Game can be played online (with 2 bots and unlimited real people) in the next few days at

If you want to play locally (with bots only) you can install the game:

Simply unzip propaganda.zip into any folder.

in the extracted folder, you'll find start-server.bat.
Our server uses Jetty Servlet Container, and uses port 8080 for its HTTP communication
The server will a take a few moments to start. You will know it has started when you see INFO: Started SelectChannelConnector@
in the console.

Open your favorite >flash-enabled< browser, and go to

-Advanced - controlling game paramters:
- Controlling game paramteres; You can provide any or all of these paramters:
1. Number of human players
where n is the number of human players
2. Number of bots
where n is the number of bots
3. Number of rounds
where n is the number of rounds you want to play
so, for example:
start-server.bat -Dprop.human.players=3 -Dprop.bot.players=1 -Dprop.rounds=10
will start a server for 3 human players and one bot,
for games lasting ten rounds.

Brief Play Description: 

Propaganda is a simultaneous multiplayer game.

At the beginning of the game each player chooses the message he wants to promote. The message can be anything - political, marketing message, and even nastier than that.

Each round, each player has ~20 seconds to coordinate his attack (aiming his cannons) on his rivals' cannons and/or signs.
After the 20 seconds have passed, all the players' cannons shoot simultaneously, destroying everything in their way.
In the beginning of the next round each player gets to choose between getting a new cannon or a new sign. Choosing a new cannon will allow the player another shot per round as long as the cannon exists, while choosing a sign will strengthen the message that the player is trying to convey.

Surviving messages (signs) are constantly displayed to all of the players. The longer a message survives, the bigger it will be on screen.

Game Files: 
Game Characteristics: 
Web - Client side (Java/Flash/ASP/Javascript)
Web - Server side (PHP/ASP/Perl/CGI)


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