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Some people are meant to be together, and others...are not. It seems like the world is against them at every turn, desperate to separate them at any cost. Most ultimately accept their fate, but others fight back. Jimmy, a hopeless video game journalist, is determined to find the love of his life, Psycherella, a hand model and part time assassin. His love for her is so great beautiful flowers trail him through the clouds. But at the moment they embrace, an evil awakens. Can they survive the evil and cynicism of the world trying to tear them apart?

Team Information
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Colin Windmuller, tyr333atgmail [dot] com, Lead Programmer, Level Designer, Designer
Edouard Lorenceau, unreal [dot] edatgmail [dot] com, Sound Artist, Level Designer, Designer
Mike, mikevoxatgmail [dot] com, Producer, Programmer, Designer, Additional Music Composer
Charlene Jeune, drummershoujoatgmail [dot] com, Sound Programmer, Designer
Luke Peterson, nativepigmiatgmail [dot] com, Lead Artist, Animator, Designer
Andrea Chang, andreachang467atyahoo [dot] com, Composer


drummershoujoatgmail [dot] com

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Play _Game.swf

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You are Jimmy looking for your girlfriend Psycherella. You must frolic through the clouds to reach her.

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Windows 98/2K/XP or DOS
Windows Vista
Mac OS - PPC
Mac OS - Intel
Web - Client side (Java/Flash/ASP/Javascript)


Got stuck in the second

Got stuck in the second level... I have no clue about how to rotate the world. I thought I needed to reach the cloud tiles with the black dots on them, but this didn't seem to be possible...


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