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The Reflection Fool

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A drunk dude must find his way back home in a strange and shabby city.
During his journey, he starts walking in a curious street where there is a giant mirror reflecting him : the weird thing is his reflect doesn't move in the same reality, nor the same space,. But he's sure of one thing : if he wants to preserve himself from danger, he will to preserve his reflect too...

The Reflection Fool is a puzzle game where the player have to take in account the movements of his avatar and the reflect, the two moving along a symmetrical plane and facing different disposition of obstacles, creating a disturbating experience based on spatial representation.

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Jacq Hoël -leokajathotmail [dot] fr- Graphics / Game Design - ENJMIN
Lemasson Pierre -dragonisteathotmail [dot] com- Graphics - ENJMIN
Guerchais Antoine -kdrobenatyahoo [dot] fr- Programming - ENJMIN
Noble Arnaud - ninjam [dot] noxatgmail [dot] com - Sound Design - ENJMIN
Pelov Adrien - add [dot] nothingatgmail [dot] com - Level Design - ENJMIN


team [dot] gragnotteatgmail [dot] com

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Just copy the .swf onto your hard drive and enjoy : p

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Web - Client side (Java/Flash/ASP/Javascript)


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