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Skitzo has Schizophrenia, and one of his traits may act out (anger, weirdness, lust). The player controls Skitzo's level of severeness according to nutrition, action and interaction choices Skitzo makes during the game. If Skitzo's trait reaches a level of +3, he explodes and the game is over. Skitzo's mission is to survive a day without exploding - at the office, subway and costume party.

This is a work-in-progress, so the player can feel the environment and dynamics of the game... along with the exploration of Schizophrenia's mental challenges through playing the role of Skitzo.

Game Overview

Schizophrenia is a thought disorder. The game is interesting to play though as a schizophrenic attempting to control his disorder through the day – as his main goal. The game takes place in various locations beginning inside an office building, through a subway, and to a costume party. The player controls an androgynous character named “Schitzo.” The game contains some elements of truth, with humorous content.

Game World

Office: Here we see cubicles lined up across the level. Not the most comfortable of workplaces.
Subway: Skitzo stands on a Subway platform. Newspaper stand. Several strange looking NPCs in a crowded area.
Party: Several NPCs in costume in an apartment building.

User Interface and Items

The Flash based interface has a Legend which describes what items do.
Health meter and mood displayed on lower portion of the screen.
Items such as Coffee, Candy, Doughnuts.

Sound Effects

Several sound effects associated with actions.
Voice acting in addition to sound effects.

Single Player Game Overview

The player controls Skitzo the androgynous avatar. The player goes through the game encountering strange situations and consumes certain foods which may increase or decrease his health meter.

The lower the meter, the more healthy and stable he is. The higher the meter, the closer to full blown Schizophrenia, and eventually the game is lost once the meter becomes full.
Depending on the health meter, NPC interaction text will also vary. For example:
If the meter is very low (zero or below), Skitzo might reply in a calm and cool manner.
If the meter is medium (1-2), Skitzo might say something somewhat erratic and misinterpret some words.
If the meter reaches 3, Skitzo might reply with gibberish, perform a strange action and explode into a multi-headed character. Game over.

The NPC will reply with appropriate texts as well.
The goal of the game is to make it through the day.
Due to time constraints in this current version, the goal is to make it through the office and if successful, the player will get a “To be continued…” screen.

Original Narrative

(Voice over): “Skitzo’s parents regularly beat him when he was a child.
They also forced him snort cocaine to hide their own drug dealing ways. Now, here we are several years later, Schitzo Frenic has grown up.”
He has a job in an office building.

Scene 1 Office (angry)
Scene 2 Subway (weirdo)
Scene 3 Costume Party (lusty)

Every round triggers one trait in Skitzo that if it is increased to 3 increments, Skitzo explodes into a multi-headed character and the game is over. The player’s goal is to keep the level of the trait in question down (ideally zero). The score is carried over to the next level.

NPC texts and interactions, item choices and texts.
The different texts from the different “levels” of the meter will help with the replay value.
Villain: Boss, Schizophrenia.
Skitzo goes through various activities through the day which will make his condition better or
worse. The player has the power to increase or decrease the mental disorder according to narrative choices he/she makes involving nutrition, activity and other type of response to situations in the game.

Skitzo goes home at the end of the day with his schizophrenia under control. Perhaps he can reflect on the day that has just passed (could be done in dream type bubbles), and the screen fades to black with him going to sleep.

Alternative due to time constraints
Quick introduction and Skitzo begins the game in the office during a daydream where he battles figments of his imagination (with our recorded voice over assets and sketched party costume creatures). The game ends with a “to be continued…” as the boss wakes him up in the office.
1. Office Narrative (angry)
Office cubicle environment
textbox (try to keep skitzo from becoming an angry beast at work)
Skitzo enters office
NPC “boss” stands next to Skitzo and text box appears
Boss: ”Mr. Frenic! I needed this done yesterday”
Graphic of stack of paper on a desk appears
Angry Meter reaches level +1
(Graphic depicts Skitzo getting more red)
Thought bubble graphic appears above
Skitzo: ”I think I need a drink to calm down”
Player is presented with drink options: juice option; coffee option; water option.
Instructions appear at the bottom of the screen in text box telling player to choose a beverage
if player chooses water Angry level +1
If player chooses liquor Angry level +1
if player chooses water Angry level -1
As Angry level increases Skitzo appears more red in color.
NPC “co-worker” appears and text box appears ”Hey Skitz! Come on let’s steal some food from the boss!”.
Skitzo: “Sure thing! He always gives me too much work!”
Instructions appear at the bottom of the screen in a text box telling the player to steal some food.(player has one choice)
if player chooses doughnuts Angry level +1
if player chooses candy Angry level +1
if player chooses fruit Angry level -1
If angry meter = 3 Skitzo transforms into Angry character and explodes into a multi-headed maniac. Game over!
if angry meter < 3 Skitzo passes the (office) level, and the meter carries over to the next stage (subway).
2. Subway Narrative (weirdo)
Three emo teenagers, homeless guy, lady with shopping bag, asleep guy,

Skitzo (internal voice): “That was a tough day at work. My boss kept yelling at me and giving me tons of work to do. I just have one more obstacle to overcome later today.“

Homeless Guy: “Ey boody, joo gots sum change I can have?”
Skitzo: a) Yes I do, go away. +1
b) No I don’t, go away. 0
c) *assault the homeless guy +2

If option a)
Homeless Guy: Joo treet me jus like ma dad man.

If option b)
Homeless Guy: Deres no need to be rood man.

If option c)
*we’ll find some way to beat up the homeless person without offending too many people.

Emo Teenagers (internal voices): “We like to cut ourselves and listen to depressing music while we aren’t cutting ourselves.”

Skitzo: a) I could recommend you kids to a doctor I know. 0
b. I could umm, tell you some doctors that I know, that are really nice and can help you kids. -1
c. (cartoonish twitching) GRRR YOU KIDZ AR SOOOO IRRITATING MOTHER!@#$%^&!!! +2

Emo Teenagers: “Doctors can’t help us. Life is so depressing, don’t you agree?”

Skitzo: 0. Unfortunately, I agree. This is why I want to recommend this doctor I know to you kids.
+1. Well yeah, but you could umm, you know get better cuz you don’t have to like cut yourselves and stuff.
+2. *take the knive from the emo kids.

Lady w/ shopping bag: *walks away slowly as Skitzo approaches, but Skitzo would eventually catch up to her.
Stay away from me! You smell!

Skitzo: 0. I’m sorry miss, I thought I took a shower today!
+1. Why yes I know I’m hot! Thank you lady!
+2. Buk Buk! (I am a chicken!)

Asleep Guy: *Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz throughout the entire level. When Skitzo approaches, he will wake up.
Woah! I didn’t see you there buddy!
3. Costume Party Narrrative (lusty)
Skitzo enters a party. Extravagant creatures walking around in a flirtatious manner. French maid, red hot devil, sexy yellow chicken, candy and donuts.
Skitzo (internal voice): “Hey maybe I can finally make some friends”
Player makes a choice:

a. A server hands Skitzo a glass of champagne to propose a toast - lusty meter +1
b. Skitzo thinks to himself “I needs to calm down before I get carried away” -1

Skitzo (internal voice, lustily): “Maybe I just need to mingle”
Textbox” Who should Skitzo talk to?
Pretty woman (+1 lusty)
co-worker (0 lusty)
boss (-1 lusty)

Skitzo: (internal voice): ”I’m getting kind of bored here.. there has to be something to do”
textbox: What should Skitzo do?

Choose to dance with a stranger (0 lusty)
Hide in the bathroom (-1 lusty)
Have a glass of champagne (+1 lusty)

NPC Hot Party girl: “Mr. Frenic, this is a costume party! Go get one!”
textbox: choose a costume for yourself.

Skitzo enters a room with 3 costumes. Player chooses a costume for Skitzo:

a lollypop (+1 lusty)
a condom (+1 lusty)
Obama (0 lusty)

If Skitzo passes without becoming lusty advance to next level 3. Otherwise, he becomes lustful maniac.
Skitzo dances the night away.
If player survived all three phases without getting out of control with a specific trait (reaching 3 increments), player wins.

Team Information
Number of Members: 
Full Name / affiliation / email / role: 

Darkin Brown / FIT Alumni / darkin [dot] brownatgmail [dot] com / Flash Dev
Richard Carey / RC/A Digital Media / richardatcarey [dot] net / Project Manager & Voice Over
Marion Duignan / Columbia University / mid2102atcolumbia [dot] edu / Art Illustrator & Concept Developer
Johannes Kraemer / FH Augsburg / kraemer [dot] johannesatgmail [dot] com / 3D + Code
Pazit Levitan / Columbia University / pl2239atcolumbia [dot] edu / Concept Developer & Writer
Stephen Mei / UAT Alumni / smokeysmathotmail [dot] com / Writer & Designer
Julian Oddman / Columbia University / jule7882atgmail [dot] com / Sound Designer, Asst. Flash Dev & Voice Over
Antonius Savaranos / Columbia University / Programmer
Christina Willson / Columbia University / slw213atcolumbia [dot] edu / Writer & Voice Over

Game Submission
Installation Notes: 

Have Flash

Game Characteristics: 
Windows 98/2K/XP or DOS
Mac OS - PPC
Mac OS - Intel


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