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Roll full steam ahead down the snowy mountain top, saving your snow lemming friends while avoiding obstacles in preparation for the big final jump to safety!

Our Theme for the GGJ was: As long as we have eachother, there will always be problems. Our Adjective was Cold.

The concept of this game was based on an increasing mass of critters held together within a snowball. As the snowball rolls down the hill it picks up more critters and snow, gaining in mass, and if it hits an obstacle it is larger then, it gains even more mass, becoming more and more out of control, and you actually start to lose the ability to brake, or accelerate or jump.

The game was originally designed to become more and more chaotic, mayhem, smashing and crashing through obstacles. But after establishing the simple vector styling, it evolved into this soothing, roll down a mountain.

In it's current state the game is not 100%, but we plan to develop it further, we actually discovered that even just having an endless loop with the ever expanding snowball, and no obstacles, is a soothing and relaxing experience...

Team Information
Number of Members: 
Full Name / affiliation / email / role: 

Andy Wiltshire
Lead Design / Graphics
andy [dot] wiltshire [dot] nzatgmail [dot] com

Aaron Neugebauer
Designer / Programmer
hungarianaaronathotmail [dot] com


andy [dot] wiltshire [dot] nzatgmail [dot] com

Game Submission
Installation Notes: 

Flash Game - Requires Flash Player 9.0 +


Play it online here: http://gamemold.com/snowlemmings


1. Download and extract the files

2. Navigate to the Release folder

3. Run SnowLemmings.swf

Brief Play Description: 

~ Snow Lemmings v1.0 ~
Global Game Jam 2009


Programming: Aaron Neugebauer (hungarianaaronathotmail [dot] com)

Graphics: Andy Wiltshire (andy [dot] wiltshire [dot] nzatgmail [dot] com)

Special Thanks to:
- Team Safety Scissors; Jeff & Matthew
- Global Game Jam Waikato
- Bill and Team
- Featuring Music by Jim Welch

Using the left and right arrow keys to move, up arrow to jump, roll the snowball down the mountain, collecting your lemming friends, increase your size, roll over snow mounds, avoid snowlemmings and trees, build up enough mass, gain more speed, for the big final jump to safety.

No Lemmings were Harmed in the Making of this Game!

Game Files: 
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Windows 98/2K/XP or DOS
Windows Vista
Mac OS - PPC
Mac OS - Intel
Web - Client side (Java/Flash/ASP/Javascript)


I thought this game was fun,

I thought this game was fun, unique, and polished. Great work! :)


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