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Space Can

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We decided to make a game based on a pvp/survival enviornment. Unfortunately the amount of work we decided to attempt ended up in a semi-finished backbone of a game. As the only programmer, no sleep led to a shorter fuse and crankiness. Our team made it through though. In SpaceCan, you're one of 2 to 4 people that fight with guns and strategy. Theres many aspects of a tournment game in Spacecan giving it the ability to have a gamer rating. Mines can be placed on the ground to fend off your foes. But the ultimate goal is to get the the last space can before the aliens attack, in 5 minutes. Theres a chance that you'd get lucky and have 5 seconds period before your enemies can catch you. All and all, the end product would be a fast paced TPS.

Team Information
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Full Name / affiliation / email / role: 

Daniel Crouch - Lead Programmer
Chris Chinea - Head Artist and Designer
Anthony Chieffo - Artist and Sound Engineer
Justin Collins - Artist


dcrouchatspsu [dot] edu

Game Submission
Installation Notes: 

Be sure to have XNA 3.0 installed with atleast 2 sbox controllers.

Brief Play Description: 

Be aware of your opponents as you attempt to lkill them before they kill you trying to get into the spacepod.

Game Files: 
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Xbox 360
Windows Vista


Great game

Nicely done - beautiful graphics and concept!


Thanks, I'm still working on

Thanks, I'm still working on the programming, for the most part .7 is a crap throw together. hopefully the end product will bring some smiles


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