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Star Crossed

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"Star Crossed" is an art game about an ill-fated couple. This game depicts a man and woman who instinctively realized that they are supposed to meet each other. However, they must overcome distance and distractions to unite their hearts. There are temptations that may misguide the player and if he wastes too much time on superficial objects, the two may never, ever meet...

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Dae Hong Kim / E.T.C. graduate / daehong75atgmail [dot] com / producer and sound designer
MinJoo Kim / CCAC student / chid001atgmail [dot] com / sound designer
MingYung Hu (Marlos) / E.T.C. student / marlos324atgmail [dot] com / artist
Tedo Salim / Schell Games / tedo [dot] 87atgmail [dot] com / technical artist
Muhammad Fadzuli Bin Mohamad Said / E.T.C student / fadzuli [dot] saidatgmail [dot] com / programmer


sushigamesatgooglegroups [dot] com

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Latest version of Flash.
Latest version of ActiveX.

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Help the two star crossed lovers defy their destiny. Bring the two of them closer together across nations and lands. Avoid worldly distractions or it will weigh them down, and they may never meet each other.

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Side Scroller
Web - Client side (Java/Flash/ASP/Javascript)

Spinny Mini Planey

Lovely idea

However - I think it needs more development time. The art design is great, and it really got me going from the first moment, but I think the difficulty level is far too high, and that it requires too many playthroughs if you don't just hold the key down.

If passage had never been released, this would certainly be higher on my list, but at the moment it was just a little too late. I do think you should keep working on it, and release a completed version if you get a chance... I'd love to play a refined copy for my collection.


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