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A whimsical yet mechanical game about attraction and togetherness. Literally.

Help Pluggy and Socket escape from the Machine by collecting charges to expand the world. However, collect too many charges and Pluggy and Socket risk explosion. Pluggy and Socket can only collect things when they join forces, and when they're together, they can't move directly and must rely on their attraction to the charges navigate the screen.

Team Information
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Rose Peng /GA Tech / rose [dot] pengatgatech [dot] edu / Character design/animation
Jeanie Choi / GA Tech / jeanie [dot] choiatgatech [dot] edu / Character design/animation
Joe Maliksi / GA Tech / jmaliksiatgatech [dot] edu / Chief Exec. Programmer
Shaun Choo / SCAD / shchoo20atstudent [dot] scad [dot] edu/ Background/ level design
Tim Frank / SCAD / tfrank20atstudent [dot] scad [dot] edu/ Sound design/ game design


shchoo20atstudent [dot] scad [dot] edu

Game Submission
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Download and unzip. Double click the jar file. Enjoy.

Requires Java 6.

Brief Play Description: 

Move around as Pluggy or Socket independently in order to do absolutely nothing. Join forces in order to collect charges but forsake your ability to move directly. All you can do is rotate when you're with each other, relying on the attraction of each creature to their respective charge to go anywhere. Hold too many charges and explode, hold too little charges and the yellow bubble won't accept your offerings. After putting enough charges in the bubble, the level will expand.

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Windows 98/2K/XP or DOS
Windows Vista
Mac OS - PPC
Mac OS - Intel


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