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Tenement Terror

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“Can you stop fear from turning into panic?”

Set in the jaunty-yet-lethal age of ragtime, Charlie Chaplin, and the deathtrap slum, Tenement Terror is a top-down 2D game where not everything is as it seems. You, a lowly resident of the Lower East Side, have been thrust awake by a horde of terrified screams and a single terrifying word: “FIRE!” Can you escape your ramshackle tenement and lead your fellow tenants to safety, without succumbing to their deadly panic—or your own?

Team Information
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Full Name / affiliation / email / role: 

Peter Blanco / Freelance/ peterblancoatpxbart [dot] com
John Cirilo / Freelance/ jciriloataol [dot] com
Xavier Matos / Brooklyn College/ matos [dot] xavatgmail [dot] com
Jesse Fuchs / Game designer/ jesse [dot] fuchsatgmail [dot] com
Jessica Mezei/ Teachers college / jmm2221atcolumbia [dot] edu

Designed by:

Peter Blanco, Anthony Cirilo, Jesse Fuchs, Xavier Matos, Jess Meizi

Art: Peter Blanco
Sound, Levels, Story: Jesse Fuchs, Jess Meizi
Lead Programming: Xavier Matos
Utility Player: Anthony Cirilo

Materials used:


1916 NY Times Headlines (Public Domain)
Payzant Pen by Nick Curtis (Creative Commons)


“Waltz of Treachery” by Kevin MacLeod
“Hand Trolley” by Kevin MacLeod
“Evil Plan FX” by Kevin MacLeod

“I Do Like To Be Beside The Seaside” by John H. Glover-Kind (Public Domain)

Sound Effects from Freesound.com and FindSounds.com (Creative Commons)

Inspirations: Scott Joplin, Dick Tracy, Charlie Chaplin, James Thurber, Charles Mackay, Winsor McCay, 409 Zenkel


jessmezeiatgmail [dot] com

Game Submission
Installation Notes: 

follow .exe file instructions

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Tenement Terror is a Gauntlet-style maze game in which your main adversary, other than the slum itself, is the horde of hapless, panicky people you’re trying to rescue, or at least avoid being trampled by. The only controls are the arrow keys, and there are few objects to interact with. The emergent complexity of the gameplay comes from your unpredictable, vexing interactions between the player and his panicky, none-too-bright fellow escapees, whose fear of being burned alive is only topped by their own private phobia, whether it be darkness, rats, tight spaces, or their fellow tenants. Educationally, the game aims to show how the crowd dynamics of fear can, in a self-fulfilling prophecy, metastasize into a deadly panic.

Game Characteristics: 
Windows 98/2K/XP or DOS
Windows Vista

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