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We Are So F$$kD

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Two aliens compete for domination of the human race. Two players go head-to-head in an attempt to grab as many humans as they can. There can be only winner, the mind-controlling Brainigen or the slimy Sluggle.

The theme was "As long as we have each other we'll never run out of problems." The competitive nature of this game reflects this ideal. As long as there is one unconverted human, it's possible for one's opponent to win.

The player can direct their horde of converted humans to either attack "pure" humans or flock to you to defend themselves. Additionally, the player can Laugh or Taunt, flavoring the fight.

Team Information
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Nigel O'Rear - Georgia Tech - nigeloatgmail [dot] com - Game Design & Sound
Jason Gornall - Georgia Tech - gth715natmail [dot] gatech [dot] edu - Game Design & Programming
Evan Barba - Georgia Tech - evanbarbaatgmail [dot] com -Game Design & Programming
Jack Zackowitz - SCAD - jackzackoataim [dot] com - Game Design,Ch aracter Design & Sprites
Michael Stanley - hexcalibur01000atyahoo [dot] com - Game Design & Backgrounds & Cinematics


nigeloatgmail [dot] com

Game Submission
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The game requires two X-Box 360 Controllers and a PC. Run the AlienWars.exe program, and enjoy. Further notes can be found in the ReadMe.txt

Brief Play Description: 

Players control one of two aliens. Guide your alien across the board and touch any of the humans - your slightest touch will convert them to your side. They will then run out into the crowd where they may convert other humans. Sometimes, though, they're a bit too eager, and their victim dies instead of transforms. Beware of your opponent, for they too can convert humans, both uninfected *and* those belonging to your horde.

Gather as many humans as you can before one minute is up and claim victory!

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Windows 98/2K/XP or DOS
Windows Vista
Other (Explain in the description)


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