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World War Tree: Seeds of Destruction

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World War Tree: Seeds of Destruction is the premier strategic arboreal combat simulation. Two trees stand alone in a field, a field of war! Each desires the light from the sun that the other craves, and they will wage the secret war unseen by man to ensure that there is one, and only one, tree left standing.

In this game for two, each player will control the forces of a tree. Launch from deadly boughs the "Seeds of War" that sprout into merciless vegetative warriors: The axe-wielding Blueberrian, Battlin' Banana, and Agro Apple . As they march across the field, these mighty warriors will cut down any that dare sprout before them in their quest to defeat the opposing tree.

Team Information
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Blake Rebouche / IGDA / bigreboatgmail [dot] com / Designer-Producer
Steve Westhoff / IGDA / skwsk8atgmail [dot] com / Producer-Designer
Joshua "Yoshi" Seaver / IGDA / joshuaseaveratgmail [dot] com / Artist
Roddy Toomim / IGDA / rtoomimatcagames [dot] com / Audio
Philip Degarmo / IGDA / aclysmaatgmail [dot] com / Programmer


Plead-the-5atgooglegroups [dot] com

Game Submission
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Can be used with Xbox 360 controller or A-S-D / J-K-L controls.
Run the .exe file........

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As the game begins, three fruits will spawn from each tree. By using the matching colored buttons on an Xbox 360 controller or the A-S-D and J-K-L on a keyboard, the fruits will drop to the ground, grow into warriors, and begin marching towards the other tree to damage it. When they encounter an opposing fruit, they will do battle. Certain fruits have advantages and disadvantages against certain other fruits. The Axe of the Blueberrian chops in twain the spear haft of the Battlin' Banana, the Battlin' Banana's spear pierces the soft flesh of the Agro Apple, and the sharp blade of the Agro Apple is faster than the raw power of the Blueberrian.

The tide of battle will naturally sway back and forth. Players will have to be fast and cunning in defense to dispatch the fruits that will beat back the incoming horde. Players on the offense will have to vary their patterns to best beguile their foes. When a fruit battles through the horde to the opposing tree, it will pay the ultimate cost to ensure the dominance of its mother tree.

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Windows 98/2K/XP or DOS
Windows Vista

Plead the Fifth

Updated Version - 1.1

Updated Version - 1.1 (r.3)


*** The file is r.3 ***


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