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GGJ12 Play Parties

In collaboration with hard-working IGDA volunteer and veteran of the game industry Sheri Rubin, several play parties are organized around the world.

Play Parties?
Every year thousands of games get made during the Global Game Jam (GGJ) weekend, but it’s hard for anyone to get through them all and help highlight the hard work that went in over that great weekend. By having post-GGJ play parties we can help make sure as many games as possible get looked at, reviewed, and highlighted around the world.

"Read more" for upcoming Play Parties.

A play party is an event held after the GGJ is over, preferably in February but can be held as late as March. Hosts gather people together on one night to try and get people to play and review as many of the games made during the GGJ as possible, both digital and non-digital games. People who attend the play parties do not have to have participated in the Jam and can play any game created by the Jam.


21st Feb, 6.30PM, Melbourne | http://igdamelbourne.org/2012/02/play-the-games-made-at-melbourne-game-j... FB: https://www.facebook.com/events/155828627866033/ by Giselle Rosman/ IGDA Melbourne

15th Feb, 7PM, Chicago, IL | http://www.meetup.com/IGDA-Chicago/events/50935522/ by Heather M Decker-Davis
25th Feb, 6PM, Indianapolis, IN | http://www.meetup.com/IGDA-Indianapolis/events/52007512/ & http://www.facebook.com/events/354172217940179/ by IGDA Indianapolis / Thomas Marshall
29th Feb, Seattle, WA | TBA, by Tom Buscaglia
13th March, 7:30 PM, Orem UT | http://www.igda.org/slc/march-chapter-meeting-ggj-play-party by Josh Jones

16th Feb, 7PM, Toronto | https://www.facebook.com/events/279177855479724/ by Lesley Phord-Toy

28th Feb, 7PM, Curitiba | http://www.ggjcwb.com/2012/02/ggj12playparty/ - PUCPR -
Play Party GGJ Curitiba (28/2 - 19h)! Venha jogar os jogos produzidos na #ggjcwb e na #ggj12

Play Party GGJ Munich, Germany
Play Party GGJ Stafford, UK
Play Party GDG Miami, USA
Play Party GGJ Newport, Wales, UK
Play Party GGJ Caracas, Venezuela
Play Party GGJ Metz, France
Play Party GGJ LIT Tipperary, Ireland
Play Party GGJ Buenos Aires, Argentina

Other Show & Tells / Showcases

The Netherlands
14th Feb, 8PM, Amsterdam | http://www.control-online.nl/gamesindustrie/2012/02/02/event-global-game... Control Magazine / Dutch Game Garden / Pakhuis de Zwijger

15th Feb, 8PM, Ottawa | http://www.dirty-rectangles.com/?p=245 - February Show & Tell

Past events

31st Jan, 6PM, Madison SD | DSU Game Design Club

4th Feb, Manila, Philippines | http://manilagamejam.wordpress.com/schedule/

3rd Feb, 9PM, Zurich, Switzerland | http://swissgamejam.org/schedule.html by Dock18
8th Feb, 7PM, Glasgow, Scotland, UK | http://igdascotlandplayparty.eventbrite.co.uk/?ebtv=C by IGDA Scotland

6th Feb, 7PM, St. Louis, MO | http://www.meetup.com/St-Louis-Game-Developers/events/43990622/ by Elonka Dunin
6th Feb, 4.30PM. Victoria, BC | http://igdavictoria.com/2012/02/03/february-monthly-meeting-highlights-f...
8th Feb, 6PM, Bloomington, MN | http://www.igdatc.org/2012/02/igdatc-feb-2012-global-game-jam-2012-recap... by Zach Wendt IGDA Twin Cities (IGDATC)
11th Feb, 4.30PM, Philadelphia, PA | http://igdaphilly2012february.eventbrite.com/ by IGDA Philadelphia


29th Feb 4:30PM St. Paul, MN - IGDATC GGJ PP Deux

IGDATC (Twin Cities, that's in MN USA) is hosting a second one


Board Game Mini-reviews

I pulled together some of the board games created during the game jam for our Minnesota "play party". Here's a blog post about the ones I included (and the ones I didn't!) Here's my recap of all the board games I went through when picking games for us to play at the IGDATC play party


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