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Second Q&A session for GGJ 2011 site organizers (Nov. 29/30)

Global Game Jam 2011 Organizer Q&A Session on IRC!

WHAT: We will be updating GGJ status, answering questions and taking suggestions about IGDA's Global Game Jam 2011 event (January 28-30, 2011).
WHO: This session is primarily for site organizers and managers who are hosting a GGJ 2011 site, or are considering hosting a site.
DATE: Tuesday November 30th (29th for some time zones)

TIME: Two sessions held

HOW LONG: Sessions are targeted for one hour.
WHERE: Online over IRC. Connect via web at http://globalgamejam.org/irc , or connect via your own IRC client [ server: irc.us.mibbit.net, channel: #globalgamejam ]


Thanks for post!!

Thanks for post!!


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