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Latin America: The rising powerhouse of the Global Game Jam

GGJ 2011 will occur in at least 44 countries world wide. We welcome first-time participation from Taiwan, Thailand, Northern Ireland, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Jordan and China! With weeks to go, we have already surpassed the previous years in terms of the number of locations, as well. Nowhere is this more obvious than in Latin American countries.

Brazil has an incredible nine jam sites participating this year. Colombia and Mexico have 4 jam sites each, and Argentina has 3. Together with sites in Venezuela and Costa Rica, that's 22 sites in Latin America, up from only 13 a year ago!

Congratulations to the site organizers in these countries. We look forward to playing games with a South and Central American flavor.


Very Promising

Yes it is!

..and with years has to be more and more, specially of game emerging new countries and the 'built ones' that increasily add more content every next year.
An obvious fact is that always were a seed of what could be a gaming culture or scenario, apparently unseen to many of us but still existing.

Its funny to write this, right today when now we're seeing more popping locations,
so.. this post was a kind of premonition.

Jimmy Veri


It certainly does appear that this years event is going to be the one for all future years to try to break.

I hope that you will come back here and give up the complete update on how things go.




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