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Your mission: download and play at least one GGJ 2010 game this weekend

RunRunRunJumpRunRunRunJump So I'm testing this new interface for browsing games. We had a lot of complaints about the performance last year. The bad new is we didn't have the resources to address all of them, unfortunately. The good news is we should be faster and more streamlined this time around. This reminds me: I encourage you all to fill out the end-of-the-jam survey on Sunday, January 30th, which is the number one thing you can do to help us get better. Please be as vocal as possible about what your experience was like! You will hear more about this.

I wrote last year about some the 2010 games already, only some from the tiny set that I even had time to play. But there are so many more out there. If you or your jammers are looking to prepare for GGJ 2011, one of the best things you can do is actually download and play some of the games from last year. Not only will this help us test traffic stress on our server, but it will familiarize jammers and organizers with what is possible to do for GGJ 2011.

So go to it already!

PS. will have our last maintenance outage this Saturday night at about 1AM Pacific time. We should be down for about 2 hours. Thanks everyone and feel free to leave comments and questions!


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