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MNZERO: GGJ's first non-digital jam!

MNZERO is an informal gaming collective based in Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota. Comprised of game- enthusiasts, designers, programmers, artists and geeks of all stripes, many of us are passionately committed to encouraging pervasive gaming and collaborative play in public spaces. As one of our long-time players and designers once put it, we aim to create events where people can “unlock the potential encoded in their city.” We’re totally thrilled to be the first Minnesota GGJ location and “non-digital-only” site.

MNZERO has hosted free, open-source games and events (such as street games and puzzle quests) since 2007, and we have kept our games intentionally low-tech so that anyone in the community can participate. We are a volunteer-run-and-funded organization. Both the politics of our more active organizers and the practical constraints of our own wallets made it clear that if we wanted to keep our events open to as many people as possible, we had to either commit to providing participants with required technology for higher-tech games, or create and host games within that lower-tech limitation.

Our event site will be different than most, but hopefully in keeping with the spirit of the larger GGJ event. Due to our small size and infrastructure, a “non-digital-only” site suited our needs best and we were happy to hear that the organizers for the larger event felt that we could contribute. Instead of focusing on video game development, our site will function like a large sandbox, providing the space and motivation for people to come together, collaborate, and learn about game design from each other through focusing on the processes and mechanics of design.

Costumes, props, toys, art supplies, and ample snacks will be as indispensable and inspirational to our event as the white boards and game theory texts we'll have on hand. We’ll focus on creating interactive and pervasive games that are open to the general public and use the living city as the ultimate platform for play. We hope you like our contribution, and we’re honored to participate in Global Game Jam 2011.

Lauren DeSteno

Video feed

Hi Gorm - we were Ustreaming intermittently during our jam (spotty internet took us out for most of Sunday), but we also did a time-lapse video of the main room in our site and gathered lots of video documentation when play-testing our "Non-Stop Monster Mash" street game on Sunday. We're logging/editing the footage now, and hope to post it for everyone's amusement within the week. :)


Video Feed?

Hi Lauren,

This sounds so great, and we are very happy to have you on board. Will there be a live ustream feed from your location?


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