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GLOBAL GAME JAM EXTINCTION (Now starring Italian Zombie-Jammers!)

This is very fun video(game?) and an official GGJ submission from E-Ludo in Italy. Even though I don't understand a word, it's great to see their facilities.


Cool idea

Funny rendition of the jam and its theme!
(for the others: play it directly on Youtube!)


u must play on youtube

u must play on youtube


Best VIDEOgame ever!

Best VIDEOgame ever!



It will be soon subbed!!! We hope it will be worth the wait. However, I'll translate for you :

00:26 - Welcome to Catania's chapter of the Global Game Jam. We were waiting for you, but as you can see we already started to work.

00:47 - Here you can play Little Big Planet 2, or travel back in time with "retrogames".

01:01 - Let's go to the heart of this convention.

01:56 - Here RPG players, cosplayers and comics fans join up.

03:27 - Let's go to meet the jammers.

Enjoy!(Hoping my english is understandable) Bye


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