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Congratulations to Fukushima Game Jam!

Fukushima Game Jam - a great success!Fukushima Game Jam - a great success!
Jammers in Minamisoma, Japan supported the recovering Tohoku region after the devastating earthquake earlier this year. The Fukushima Game Jam took place this weekend, August 27, 28th and was a great success.

Eight teams worked together to develop games from start to finish in 30 hours. Organised by IGDA Japan and Ubiquitous Entertainment.

The theme for the event was Fun Overcomes Difficulty, and they did show the world that that enthusiasm and energy can do amazing things.

The energy of this event shows the world what Japan can do!


Great Story

Congratulation on the event. It does show a lot of unity among japanese. The earthquake that happened at japan can happen anywhere too. So getting short term disability insurance should be a consideration to protect yourself.


I'm proud of you guys. Even

I'm proud of you guys. Even though you just went from a very horrible calamity, you still stand and never surrendered. Keep up the good work!


News in Spanish:


Fukushima Game Jam busca incentivar
el desarrollo de juegos tras el terremoto de Japón.

Artistas como Tetsuya Mizuguchi participarán en esta iniciativa.


More reports in English

More reports on Fukushima Game Jam in English are comming!


Thank you!

We IGDA Japan chapter members had been looking for the way to contribute the tragedic situation after 3.11 diseases. The successful experience of GGJ11 in January told us that the game jam can encourage people and share our passion nationwide (For example of GGJ11 titles, see IGDA Newsletter Featured Game, http://globalgamejam.org/node/16838). Thanks a lot for GGJ.

After the game jam, each local jam sites are planning their review events now.


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