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Featured Game - Life in Shadows (from Tokyo, Japan)

Each month, four games will be featured in the IGDA Newsletter. The same games will be featured one-by-one on a weekly basis on the frontpage of the Global Game Jam website.

Life in Shadows
Walk with the spirit of shadows, lead the way to the peace of night (avoid the light, walk in the shadows)

Location: Tokyo University of Technology, Japan
Credits: Hiroki Omae , Cwong, Tomo Watanabe, Tatsuru Ishida, Hodaka Naito, Wenjie Wu and Yang Yue
Platforms: Mac & Windows
Link: http://globalgamejam.org/2011/life-shadows



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Nice team work

It is very interesting to share the GGJ game experience.

As IGDA Japan member, I attended GGJ11 Tokyo site and watching the teamwork of this game.
In this team,

  • a professional game developer in Japan,
  • a game study graduate student/ex-MMORPG designer in China,
  • a graduate student from Hong Kong,
  • undergraduate university students in Tokyo, and
  • Japanese Doujin(Indie) game developer

joined and formed the development team.
It would be the interdisciplinary, international, multi-school, and multi-cultural experience. I believe this teamwork gave this game a harmony of excellent elements.
Download the game (and assets) and enjoy. Not only in okyo site, other sites in Japan we had some challenging game prototypes in GGJ11.
I'm looking forward to this monthly series!


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