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Register for GGJ 2011


Registration for Global Game Jam 2011 is now open.

In addition to registering with the local jam, every GGJ 2011 participant must have an account on globalgamejam.org and must associate that account with his or her jam site. In your profile page, select the jam site you are going to be participating in, fill out the rest of the questions and save.

Why register?

Registration is necessary for a few reasons. First, the local jam site needs to know how many people are planning on attending, so please resigster with your local jam site as soon as you can. You can find information about that at jam site pages.

Second, you must register at the globalgamejam.org website in order to upload your game project and be given credit on the game project page. Also, some jam site organizers are using globalgamejam.org for their own registration system which means you only sign up here and follow instructions on the jam site pages. The system sorts people by date of registration for 2011. If there are space limitations, site organizers can use this information to determine who was first in line.

Registration step by step

  1. Create an account on globalgamejam.org. You may have an account already from previous years. If you do go to the next step. If you are already logged in and see the navigation menu on the right column, you already have your account. Otherwise, go here to sign up: http://globalgamejam.org/user/register
  2. Log in and fill out your profile. Goto to "My Account" link from the menu on the right column and then click on "Profile". The most important part of this is getting the correct jam site associated with your account. The Jam Sites under the "GGJ 2011 Site" pull down menu are sorted alphabetically by country then by state/province then by city. Make the right selection and proceed to the rest of the profile. After you are done, save the profile at the bottom. If you already have filled out a profile in previous years, you must still choose the right "GGJ 2011 Site". Just double check and make sure you have the correct location.
  3. Check to make sure you are registered. After you save your profile, go to your ja site page and click on the "jammers" link right below the name of the jam site. The link takes you to the jammers page where you should be listed in the table. See for example the Dutch Game Garden jammers page. If your name does not appear, then go back and make sure your profile has the correct jam site. If you have more problems contact us.
  4. If your location is not one of the options, this is most likely means nobody has yet signed up the location for GGJ 2011. YOu can notify your local organizer or help organize your own jam if you want. See 2011 call for hosts.
  5. All jammers must be registered by Friday midnight, January 28th, the first day of global game Jam 2011.

Any more questions? Come to the second Q&A session on Nov. 29/30.

Thank You!

- Foaad, Gorm, Ian and Zuraida


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