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Organizer Information
Contact Name: 
Eric Preisz
Location Information

11011 W. Charleston Las Vegas, NV 89135

Download the GGJ binary version here http://www.torquepowered.com/community/blogs/view/19199

Binary Eval – We are offering everyone participating around the world our binary eval ( full featured binary ) for use during the event. The eval will convert into a demo version the Sunday after GDC (March 14th) so that you have time to show your goods to everyone in San Francisco. Come visit us at GDC and show us what you’ve made –we love that stuff. The binary is available now on our site so you can start practicing with our tool set.

Dinner w/ the Strategy Team – The Torque strategy team, Matt, Derek, Michael, and myself will look at all of the games at 5:00pm on Saturday. If we think your game has the most potential for fun ( hard to tell at that stage), we’ll take your team out to dinner at the casino buffet. It’s on us.

Lou Castle Presentation – We will be starting the event at 4:00pm PST at the Red Rock Casino conference center on the 5th floor. We filmed Lou last week (he will be out of town unfortunately and won’t make the event) giving a presentation on rapid prototyping. It’s a great way to start. He has a lot of experience prototyping games and the video is very, very, informative.

Engine Giveaways – We will be giving away 3 copies of full featured Torque3D (non-binary) and 7 copies of Torque3D binary. To win, e-mail us at ggjattorquepowered [dot] com right now! Licenses will be given away in order we receive the e-mails. You must participate at the Red Rock location to receive your prize. The price of Torque3D - airfare + hotel room > 0 for many of you ( sorry international folks ).

So there you have it! We can’t wait. I’ve seen a bunch of game design ideas scribbled on white boards at our office -hope they are as fun as they look.

Building Name: 
Conference Center - 5th Floor
Jam logistics
Entrace Fee: 
This site is open to anyone subject only to local age restrictions
Site will remain open for entire 48 hours
Internet Access: 
Internet access available
IT tools: 
Provide specialized game development tools, or licenses for participating jammers
Have access to coffee/beverages and food in close vicinity
No security available
Auditorium space: 
Have auditorium space available


Ustream Feed Live!

The GGJ Las Vegas stream is ready: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/globalgamejamvegas

We will start streaming at 4:30


Jam w/ some Pros!!!


Come join us, we still have some space left. We are very excited to annouce the support of several professional studios including GarageGames, Petroglyph, Jet Set Games, Sickhead Games.


Only one day left!


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