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Organizer Information
Company or Institution name: 
Creative Calgary
Contact Name: 
Laurie Gloge
Location Information

1301 - 16 Avenue NW
Calgary, Alberta
Canada T2M 0L4
Hotels: http://maps.google.ca/maps?source=ig&hl=en&rlz=1G1GGLQ_ENCA328&lr=&um=1&...

Building Name: 
MD 201 - Heart Building - Building M
Jam logistics
Entrace Fee: 
This site is open to anyone subject only to local age restrictions
Site will remain open for entire 48 hours
Internet Access: 
Internet access available
IT tools: 
Provide specialized game development tools, or licenses for participating jammers
Have access to coffee/beverages and food in close vicinity
This site has onsite security
Auditorium space: 
Have auditorium space available

Registration Closed January 21.
Waiting list started.


Thanks all

I miss you already. The energy was fantastic and brilliant talent.


Great job

Seriously great job everyone who came out 40 people was amazing great energy, and thank you Laurie for the great times and memories.


Hotels near SAIT

Village Park Inn has offered a room rate of $110/night.. (over the regular $159 rate)

Just tell them you are in the Global Game Jam to get that rate. Talk to Alex.

10 rooms with 2 beds and 5 rooms with single bed are available now.


Hotels near SAIT

I have a call into the Village Park Inn, see if we can get a discount.

SAIT has a corporate rate, but I called in to see if we can get a deal.

Will post something tomorrow.


Software at SAIT

Hi, Remember for this event, you must bring your own laptop. SAIT does not supply hardware or software.

We bring laptops, can download software, most software is downloadable on free trial basis.

I'll send out an email to everyone reminding them.

You need your own hardware/software for this event.



Software at SAIT

Hey everybody!

Does anyone know what software will be available at SAIT?

I'm sure some people will bring laptops (I will too), but I'd like to know if there will also be software already installed on SAIT computers that we may use (for example, game engines, Photoshop, etc.)

Feel free to check my profile to see what I'll be bringing with me.




Pumped and counting down til Friday!

Looks like now that registrations are in, we have 5 profiles in progress. (Need to add SAIT to profile and not try to re-register if your email has been entered).

That makes us almost 50!

11 People didn't reply with t-shirt size.. so guessed, if you get a size small t-shirt and are 6'10" and big, can't help ya.

We have some uber cool super stars to come and see our games who will be judges/mentors, art production coach, and a speaker who will rock us with "The War of Art". It seems we have lots of people in Calgary who want to see the creative vibe take on life!

Bring your high octane energy and smiles. A little birdy told me Shaw TV (Channel 10) is hanging with us on Sunday. We'll also be streaming live on UStream TV.

Testing venue today, but will get you guys details here in email soon.

Our event will open at 4:00 for set up, chaos while we settle in, then officially kicks off at 5:00 Friday, the 29th!

Stay tuned for some blogs and news as well.


Aww yeah!

I'm already pumped! Look forward to meeting up with PsySal, Matt, Sheldon, Derek, and the other folks that I don't know already too.

See you guys next Friday, cheers!


This will be fun!

It's time to get pumped! This will be a fun event, I'm looking forward to meeting you folks.


Need T-shirt sizes

Sorry if you guys got more than one email. It's me getting used to this posting.

We need your t-shirt size by Thursday morning. Otherwise the default size is medium.


Look at our crew... exciting!!!! great bios too

Don't be shy about putting up a profile. You guys are celebs in this.
Will be sending out an info package very soon with details of what to expect.
Expect to have fun!
Stay tuned.


Hotels, Prep, and Stuff

Happy Holidays everyone!
I put a link in for hotels if anyone needs one for day after or before. I know we'll be bringing sleeping bags for the venue, but just in case.

After New Year, I'll be bugging sponsors etc. Looks like we may have some cool judges for seeing the games on Sunday. Any ideas of companies to bug, favorites or suggestions, let me know.

Also, I encourage everyone to sign up, not necessary to have a team. If you do prefer a team, let me know. I know folks like U Lethbrige students may want to work on games after. Either way, we can work it. Just as long as we all have a team (will be 4-5 people).

Start bugging people to sign up, so we have good idea for numbers. It helps lots for planning this. Also, helps me get sponsors to reply to my emails and calls.

Looks like we have some flash guys, i-phone guys, and more.. will be fun.

Don't be shy about filling out your profile, we want to know about you.

Cheers, :) Laurie


Yeah Chevy .. you got it

We'll see some more faces soon. As term end, and holiday break sets in, we'll start seeing the board fill up.

I'm glad to see some pics and profiles on there.

Our list of jammers is looking good.

Also, on list of sponsors we have Fototio from Calgary, will be giving us access to free photo downloads... checkout www.fotolio.com

See you guys soon!


Sign up completely!!

Not everybody is doing this!

Once you create your account here, you MUST go into your "My Account" settings and find the dropdown-list to specify your Jam location as Creative Calgary. If you don't do this, you won't show up on the list of Jammers. So make -sure- to do this.




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