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Art Institute of Portland

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Location Information

1122 Northwest Davis Street

Building Name: 
The Art Institute of Portland
Jam Organizer Information
Contact Name: 
Corvus Elrod
Contact Email: 
Jam Logistics
Entrance Fee: 
Site will remain open for entire 48 hours
Open location: 
This site is open to anyone subject only to local age restrictions
This site has onsite security
IT tools: 
Provide specialized game development tools, or licenses for participating jammers
Auditorium space: 
Have auditorium space available
Media Stream

We'll have room for up to 50 jammers at the site, more if you bring your own laptop to work on. Site machines have a full complement of software installed: Maya, Max, Unity, UDK, Flash, etc.

Don't form teams in advance! Feel free to look through the other registered participants, but we're going to make a game of it and form teams a little differently this year. So while it will be good to have an idea of what the other participants are bringing to the table, you almost certainly won't wind up with a team you chose in advance.

Jammers will be encouraged (but not forced) to GO HOME AND SLEEP for at least one 6-8 hour block of time over the weekend. Alternately, bring a sleeping bag and grab cat naps in our Quiet Area.

We're going to do our best to provide some food again this year. If you have any special dietary restrictions, please let Corvus know well in advance.


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