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All users associated with this jam site in order of registration for GGJ 2011. Please note that the content of this list may or may not be used by local organizers to determine admission. Please contact the site organizer for more information.

Marek Kapolka's picture
Marek Kapolka

weaponx32843's picture
David Lu

willow408's picture
Seth Robles

wengervision's picture
Reza Ghavami

bonnie_phelps's picture
Bonnie Phelps

Marker007's picture

Ting Chow's picture
Ting Chow

Bob_Gneu's picture
Robert Chatman

jtfrench's picture
Jason Townes French

DigitalGlass's picture
George Lam

headshot9's picture
Gabby Rubin

Finrod's picture
James Laird

Jimbly's picture
Jimb Esser

Tumerboy's picture
Nick Duguid

Dream Ear's picture
DeShawn Davis

Ironwall's picture
Samuel R Wall

doodlebugxd's picture
Jessica Burgoyne

Leo Panthera's picture
Robert Mariazeta

Blake McChristian's picture
Blake McChristian

Kaleb Grace's picture
Kaleb Russell Grace

Sagezach's picture
Zachary Taylor Irwin

LowLight24x's picture
Arthur J. Mortega

thedods's picture
Christopher Dods

virtue3's picture
Tor Helmer

graduisc's picture
Darrell Atienza

Kenta Wolf's picture
Jovina Chagas

AndyCameron's picture
Andy Cameron

micah.geary's picture
Micah Geary

JohnnyWatson's picture
Johnny Watson

AaronWeingarten's picture
Aaron Weingarten

shaniac132's picture
Shane Coronella

Maverick1868's picture
Jeremy Welch

Sugar Cube's picture
Ani Eos

AuroraDragonKaya's picture
Cassandra Matteis

Fenrisul's picture
Mitch Thompson

jammer skills website
1 weaponx32843 (David Lu) 3D art, Programming
2 Marker007 (Marker007)
3 wengervision (Reza Ghavami) Game design, Game development, Programming
4 jtfrench (Jason Townes French) Game design, Game development, Music, Programming, Web design Link
5 headshot9 (Gabby Rubin) Game design, Game development
6 Tumerboy (Nick Duguid) 2D art, 3D art, Game design, Game development Link
7 Marek Kapolka (Marek Kapolka) Game design, Game development, Programming Link
8 Ironwall (Samuel R Wall) 3D art
9 virtue3 (Tor Helmer) Game development, Programming Link
10 Kenta Wolf (Jovina Chagas) 2D art, 3D art, Animation, Game design Link
11 shaniac132 (Shane Coronella) Animation
12 JohnnyWatson (Johnny Watson) Programming
13 Maverick1868 (Jeremy Welch) 3D art, Board game design, Game design, Game development
14 Sugar Cube (Ani Eos) 2D art, Audio / sound effects, Game design, Story writing, Web design Link
15 micah.geary (Micah Geary) Game development, Programming Link
16 Dream Ear (DeShawn Davis) Music
17 LowLight24x (Arthur J. Mortega) Audio / sound effects, Game design, Game development, Story writing
18 Finrod (James Laird) Game design, Programming, Story writing
19 Blake McChristian (Blake McChristian) Game design
20 Leo Panthera (Robert Mariazeta) 2D art, Animation, Game development
21 AuroraDragonKaya (Cassandra Matteis) 2D art
22 Jimbly (Jimb Esser) Computer networks, Game development, Programming Link
23 thedods (Christopher Dods) Game design
24 AndyCameron (Andy Cameron) 2D art, 3D art, Game design, Web design Link
25 graduisc (Darrell Atienza) 2D art, 3D art Link
26 Bob_Gneu (Robert Chatman) 2D art, 3D art, Game design, Game development, Programming, Story writing, Web design Link
27 DigitalGlass (George Lam) 3D art, Programming
28 bonnie_phelps (Bonnie Phelps)
29 Sagezach (Zachary Taylor Irwin) Game design
30 doodlebugxd (Jessica Burgoyne) Programming
31 AaronWeingarten (Aaron Weingarten)
32 Kaleb Grace (Kaleb Russell Grace) 2D art, Audio / sound effects, Game design, Game development, Music, Programming, Web design Link
33 Fenrisul (Mitch Thompson) 3D art, Audio / sound effects, Programming
34 willow408 (Seth Robles) 2D art, 3D art Link
35 Ting Chow (Ting Chow) Programming
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