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All users associated with this jam site in order of registration for GGJ 2011. Please note that the content of this list may or may not be used by local organizers to determine admission. Please contact the site organizer for more information.

carlleduc's picture
Carl Leduc-Benoit

FrankieSmileShow's picture
Francis Coulombe

Wbarobinson's picture
William Robinson

CypherColt's picture
Lawrence Collier

Chryssyxx's picture
Christopher Budgen

pondero's picture
Irfan Ahmed

richardeflanagan's picture
Richard E Flanagan

scadieux's picture
Samuel Cadieux

fpetrin's picture
Francis Pétrin

geetard's picture
Gia Dang

Benoît Pinet's picture
Benoît Pinet

Josse Laurendeau Piron's picture
Josse Laurendeau Pir...

SagarPatel's picture
Sagar Patel

Shiver02's picture
Colin Towle

henkboom's picture
Henk Boom

studious's picture
Stephen Ascher

gplackey's picture
G. P. Lackey

G3n3ralTao's picture
David Boutin

roychr's picture
Christian Roy

Frankus's picture
François Gaumond

dGarrido's picture
David Garrido

missharvey's picture
Stephanie Harvey

fofie8's picture
Sophie Leal-Bolea

Guillaume Pinat's picture
Guillaume Pinat

sbernard's picture
Shan Meunier Bernard

clinel's picture
Clement Linel

Nate_Fowler's picture
Nathan Fowler

mifortin's picture
Michael Fortin

tari_calaelen's picture
Marie-Ève Benoit

StephaneBedard's picture
Stephane Bedard

Sanguy Benetnash's picture

Psycho-Designs's picture
Mohannad Al-Khatib

Alexa's picture
Alexa Kroese

ramy_d's picture
Ramy Daghstani

jammer skills website
1 carlleduc (Carl Leduc-Benoit) Game development, Programming, Web design
2 FrankieSmileShow (Francis Coulombe) 2D art, Animation, Game design, Game development, Web design Link
3 Wbarobinson (William Robinson) Board game design
4 CypherColt (Lawrence Collier) Animation
5 Chryssyxx (Christopher Budgen) Game design, Game development
6 pondero (Irfan Ahmed) Programming, Story writing
7 richardeflanagan (Richard E Flanagan) 2D art, 3D art, Animation, Audio / sound effects, Board game design, Game design, Music, Web design Link
8 scadieux (Samuel Cadieux) Programming
9 fpetrin (Francis Pétrin) Programming
10 geetard (Gia Dang) Programming
11 Benoît Pinet (Benoît Pinet) Game design, Game development
12 Josse Laurendea... (Josse Laurendeau Piron) 2D art, Story writing
13 SagarPatel (Sagar Patel) Game design, Game development, Programming
14 Shiver02 (Colin Towle) Programming
15 henkboom (Henk Boom) Game design, Game development, Programming, Web design Link
16 studious (Stephen Ascher) 2D art, 3D art, Animation, Audio / sound effects, Board game design, Computer networks, Game design, Game development, Music, Programming, Story writing, Web design
17 gplackey (G. P. Lackey) 2D art, 3D art, Audio / sound effects, Game design, Game development, Story writing
18 G3n3ralTao (David Boutin) Audio / sound effects, Board game design, Game design, Game development, Programming, Story writing
19 roychr (Christian Roy) Game development Link
20 Frankus (François Gaumond) Game design, Programming
21 dGarrido (David Garrido) Game design
22 missharvey (Stephanie Harvey) Game design
23 fofie8 (Sophie Leal-Bolea) Game design
24 Guillaume Pinat (Guillaume Pinat) Programming
25 sbernard (Shan Meunier Bernard) Programming
26 clinel (Clement Linel)
27 Nate_Fowler (Nathan Fowler) Game design
28 mifortin (Michael Fortin) Programming
29 tari_calaelen (Marie-Ève Benoit) Game design
30 StephaneBedard (Stephane Bedard) Game design
31 Sanguy Benetnash (Romain MEILHON) Game design
32 Psycho-Designs (Mohannad Al-Khatib) 3D art, Animation, Game design, Game development, Web design Link
33 Alexa (Alexa Kroese) 2D art, Animation Link
34 ramy_d (Ramy Daghstani)
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