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All users associated with this jam site in order of registration for GGJ 2011. Please note that the content of this list may or may not be used by local organizers to determine admission. Please contact the site organizer for more information.

jay.gavarra's picture
Jay Gavarra

ianmitz's picture
Kristian Mitra

ryansumo's picture
Ryan Sumo

mazelle's picture
Marnielle Lloyd Estr...

juliusc's picture
Julius 'The Int...

Andrei dela Cruz's picture
Andrei dela Cruz

polats's picture
Paul Gadi

aallx's picture
Alexander Cabana

mac's picture
mac gonzalez

ferdz's picture
Ferdinand Llorca

lizzbuenaventura's picture
Liezl Buenaventura

joshliao's picture
Josh Liao

dendrobium's picture
Lee Hansiel Lim

zelev511's picture
Felipe Velez

penngwen's picture
Gwendelyn Foster

MikeTien's picture
Edward Michael Atien...

chrisarquiza's picture
Chris Arquiza

accidentalrebel's picture
Juan Karlo Licudine

aubrey's picture
Aubrey Graze Pareja

Joshua Joseph Auza's picture
Joshua Joseph Auza

mjvd88's picture
Marlon John Valdez D...

creativation's picture
Hedrick David

boonhero's picture
Alex Sales

mark.ringol's picture
Mark R.

Ostrich Feather's picture
Ostrich Feather

miguelknight's picture
Manuel Cabana

step_cross36@yahoo.com's picture
Reignier Alay-ay

angge's picture
Angelica Salvo Gomez

alyssaloren's picture
Alyssa Loren Arellan...

drev23's picture
Michael Rubio

jeremildavid's picture
Jeremil David

turbinz's picture
Jaycee C. Urriquia

liontamer_migs's picture
Miguel Santos

gats.ph's picture
Danilo Africa, Jr.

Renzo's picture
Renz Perez Mendoza

aldrichsiojo's picture
Mark Aldrich Siojo

pegged's picture
Paul Eric Abeto

spooty's picture
Adam Maske

darren_judi's picture
Darren Judi

gfvillorente's picture
Gabriel Fojas Villor...

cryxs's picture
Dario Angelo A. Cebl...

elemes09's picture
Leif Mikael Santelic...

lmendozajr's picture
Leonardo Mendoza Jr.

khael21's picture
Michael M. Murcia

baskog's picture

jonasespelita's picture
Jonas Espelita

enzo's picture
Enzo Dayrit

mohanbelani's picture
Mohan Belani

savage_watcher's picture
Samuel Kevin Segui

JarmenKell's picture
Jay K

shr0ud's picture
Arvin S. Cua

sapphrene's picture
Maricel Cuerdo

bossfrost's picture
Mikhail Banzon

jujumonkey's picture
Andrew Alegre

cromne's picture
Christopher Co

kemeo's picture
Yap Glean D.

helrouis's picture
Jason Cheng

bongmaske's picture
Bong Maske

machidoo's picture
Mark Maske

radamanthus's picture
Radamanthus Batnag

Mr Suarez's picture
Dan Leland Suarez

HAXX0RZ's picture
Charles Jerome N. Cu...

AlvinChan's picture
Alvin Edwald Chan

Ryuzul's picture
Daniel Martin H. Val...

marcjoel's picture
Marc Joel Jamero

aliasghar's picture
Ali Asghar Akmad

Lituzen05's picture
Edwin Reyes Sablaya

choiheera018's picture
Rachel R. Patiño

doncon's picture
Don Fritz Lopez Bala...

nikka.lao's picture
Abbie Jenika Reynoso...

melvindave's picture
Melvin Dave P. Vivas

Cyberkada's picture
Carlos Bott

orlandopasionjr's picture
Orlando Pasion

acilegna's picture
Angelica Lubao

danilo.dao's picture
Danilo Dao Jr.

Migs Abarintos's picture
Miguel Abarintos Jr.

perictione2000's picture
Aleli Rubio

brotherlouie's picture
louie briones

Michael John Solis's picture
Michael John C. Soli...

mgtumamao's picture
Mary Grace DT. Tumam...

MrValdez's picture

boracay_mood's picture
Roy Erwin Dela Cruz

bjon reyes's picture
Bjon Javin S. Reyes

Jinsushi's picture
Justin Yu Villa

keikun17's picture
Buddy Magsipoc

mitzylair's picture
Michelle Larin

peter.gali's picture
peter gali

gulard's picture
Guillard H. Alvarez

joojieman's picture
James Patrick Pe

threedee's picture
jason autentico

cutiepie's picture
Elaine Oquendo

jammer skills website
1 ryansumo (Ryan Sumo) 2D art Link
2 mazelle (Marnielle Lloyd Estrada) Game development, Programming, Web design Link
3 jay.gavarra (Jay Gavarra) 2D art, Game design
4 ianmitz (Kristian Mitra) Programming
5 juliusc (Julius 'The Internet Famuos' Cebreros) 3D art Link
6 Andrei dela Cruz (Andrei dela Cruz) Game design, Game development, Programming
7 polats (Paul Gadi) Game development, Programming
8 aallx (Alexander Cabana) 2D art, Animation, Board game design, Computer networks, Game design, Game development, Programming, Story writing
9 mac (mac gonzalez) 2D art
10 ferdz (Ferdinand Llorca) 2D art
11 lizzbuenaventura (Liezl Buenaventura) 2D art Link
12 joshliao (Josh Liao) Game design, Game development, Programming Link
13 dendrobium (Lee Hansiel Lim) Game development, Programming
14 zelev511 (Felipe Velez) Game design, Game development, Programming, Story writing
15 penngwen (Gwendelyn Foster) Game design
16 MikeTien (Edward Michael Atienza) 2D art, Animation Link
17 chrisarquiza (Chris Arquiza) Game design, Game development, Programming Link
18 accidentalrebel (Juan Karlo Licudine) 2D art, Game design, Game development, Programming, Web design Link
19 aubrey (Aubrey Graze Pareja) 2D art, Game design, Programming, Story writing Link
20 Joshua Joseph Auza (Joshua Joseph Auza) Game development, Programming
21 mjvd88 (Marlon John Valdez Danlay) Game design
22 creativation (Hedrick David) 3D art, Game development, Programming
23 boonhero (Alex Sales) Programming
24 mark.ringol (Mark R.) Game design, Story writing
25 Ostrich Feather (Ostrich Feather) Audio / sound effects, Music
26 miguelknight (Manuel Cabana) 2D art, 3D art, Animation, Game development, Programming
27 step_cross36@ya... (Reignier Alay-ay) Story writing
28 angge (Angelica Salvo Gomez) 2D art, Game design, Programming
29 alyssaloren (Alyssa Loren Arellano) Animation, Programming, Story writing, Web design
30 drev23 (Michael Rubio) Computer networks, Game design, Game development, Programming, Web design
31 jeremildavid (Jeremil David) Game design, Programming
32 turbinz (Jaycee C. Urriquia) Game design, Game development, Web design
33 liontamer_migs (Miguel Santos)
34 gats.ph (Danilo Africa, Jr.) Programming
35 Renzo (Renz Perez Mendoza) Programming
36 aldrichsiojo (Mark Aldrich Siojo) Audio / sound effects, Game design, Game development, Music, Programming, Story writing
37 pegged (Paul Eric Abeto)
38 spooty (Adam Maske)
39 darren_judi (Darren Judi)
40 gfvillorente (Gabriel Fojas Villorente) Board game design, Computer networks, Game design, Game development, Music, Programming, Web design Link
41 cryxs (Dario Angelo A. Ceblano)
42 elemes09 (Leif Mikael Santelices)
43 lmendozajr (Leonardo Mendoza Jr.) Story writing
44 khael21 (Michael M. Murcia) Web design
45 baskog (Marvin) Computer networks
46 jonasespelita (Jonas Espelita) Game design, Game development, Programming, Web design
47 enzo (Enzo Dayrit) 2D art, Programming
48 mohanbelani (Mohan Belani)
49 savage_watcher (Samuel Kevin Segui) 2D art, Story writing
50 JarmenKell (Jay K)
51 shr0ud (Arvin S. Cua) Audio / sound effects, Music, Story writing
52 sapphrene (Maricel Cuerdo) Story writing
53 bossfrost (Mikhail Banzon) Story writing
54 jujumonkey (Andrew Alegre) Audio / sound effects, Computer networks, Game design, Game development, Music, Programming, Web design
55 cromne (Christopher Co) Board game design, Game design, Story writing
56 kemeo (Yap Glean D.)
57 helrouis (Jason Cheng) 2D art, Game design, Game development, Programming, Web design
58 bongmaske (Bong Maske)
59 machidoo (Mark Maske) 2D art, Programming
60 radamanthus (Radamanthus Batnag) Programming
61 Mr Suarez (Dan Leland Suarez) 2D art, Game design, Game development, Programming
62 HAXX0RZ (Charles Jerome N. Cue) Game design, Game development, Programming, Story writing
63 AlvinChan (Alvin Edwald Chan) Game design, Game development
64 Ryuzul (Daniel Martin H. Vallesteros) Programming
65 marcjoel (Marc Joel Jamero) Programming
66 aliasghar (Ali Asghar Akmad) Game development, Programming
67 Lituzen05 (Edwin Reyes Sablaya) 2D art
68 choiheera018 (Rachel R. Patiño) 2D art, Game design, Programming
69 doncon (Don Fritz Lopez Balahadia) Animation, Game development, Programming, Story writing
70 nikka.lao (Abbie Jenika Reynoso Lao) Game design
71 melvindave (Melvin Dave P. Vivas) Game development Link
72 Cyberkada (Carlos Bott) Audio / sound effects, Board game design, Computer networks, Game design, Game development, Programming, Web design
73 orlandopasionjr (Orlando Pasion) Web design Link
74 acilegna (Angelica Lubao) Animation, Audio / sound effects, Music, Programming, Story writing Link
75 danilo.dao (Danilo Dao Jr.) Audio / sound effects, Game design
76 Migs Abarintos (Miguel Abarintos Jr.) 2D art, Animation, Game development Link
77 perictione2000 (Aleli Rubio) Game development, Story writing
78 brotherlouie (louie briones) Game design Link
79 Michael John Solis (Michael John C. Solis) 2D art, Animation, Story writing
80 mgtumamao (Mary Grace DT. Tumamao) 3D art, Game design, Music, Programming, Story writing, Web design Link
81 MrValdez (MrValdez) Game design, Programming, Web design
82 boracay_mood (Roy Erwin Dela Cruz) Music, Programming, Story writing
83 bjon reyes (Bjon Javin S. Reyes) Web design
84 Jinsushi (Justin Yu Villa) 2D art, 3D art
85 keikun17 (Buddy Magsipoc) Programming
86 mitzylair (Michelle Larin) Programming
87 peter.gali (peter gali) Programming
88 gulard (Guillard H. Alvarez) Game development, Programming, Web design
89 joojieman (James Patrick Pe) 2D art
90 threedee (jason autentico) 3D art
91 cutiepie (Elaine Oquendo)
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