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All users associated with this jam site in order of registration for GGJ 2011. Please note that the content of this list may or may not be used by local organizers to determine admission. Please contact the site organizer for more information.

Quirkat's picture

msalahat's picture
AL-Mu'az Bellah...

ataqadi's picture
Ata Al-Qadi

Dareen's picture
Dareen Alhiyari

sa3di's picture
Saadi Shaheen

Ashqar's picture
Mohammad Ashqar

fawzi.musmar's picture
Fawzi Musmar

leith.d's picture
Leith Darawsheh

barqawi's picture
ahmed barqawi

karmel's picture
Principle Advanced C...

ferasmusmar's picture
Feras H. Musmar

5o5a's picture
Khaled Abu Omar

loayhaq's picture
Loay Abu Qaoud

Darya Tarawneh's picture
darya tarawneh

mody8king's picture
Mohammad Amin Khaled...

m.nashwan's picture
Mohammad Nashwan

Pixeler's picture
Moutaz Al-Husseini

Hussamadin's picture
Hussamadain Ahmad Mo...

Zaina Masalha's picture
Zaina Masalha

cis.ash's picture
Anas Alhamdan

Mahdi's picture
Mahdi Al-Farra

Hamzeh's picture
Hamzeh Qasem

Sindako-nVts-'s picture
Murad Fawwaz Naghway...

Halah's picture
Halah Al-Sharif

noura's picture
Noura Khalaf

ala_aburas's picture
ala mahmoud hassan a...

bayan jamal almemah's picture
Bayan Jamal Almemah

rania joudeh's picture
rania joudeh

Ahmad Eid's picture
Ahmad Eid

MewZero's picture
Amer Mahmoud Hejjawi

marwanalqadi's picture
marwan alqadi

hmh86's picture
Hamzeh Hejjawi

hemsi's picture
Omar Hemsi

hazimhanbali's picture
hazim hanbali

jammer skills website
1 Quirkat (Quirkat) Game development
2 msalahat (AL-Mu'az Bellah Salahat) Programming
3 ataqadi (Ata Al-Qadi) Game development, Programming Link
4 Dareen (Dareen Alhiyari) Game development, Programming Link
5 sa3di (Saadi Shaheen)
6 Ashqar (Mohammad Ashqar)
7 fawzi.musmar (Fawzi Musmar) Game design
8 leith.d (Leith Darawsheh) Game design
9 barqawi (ahmed barqawi) 2D art, Animation, Programming, Web design
10 karmel (Principle Advanced Communication Technology ) Link
11 ferasmusmar (Feras H. Musmar) Game design, Music
12 5o5a (Khaled Abu Omar) Story writing
13 loayhaq (Loay Abu Qaoud) 2D art, 3D art, Animation, Computer networks, Game design, Game development, Programming, Web design Link
14 Darya Tarawneh (darya tarawneh) 2D art
15 mody8king (Mohammad Amin Khaled Zeyahdh) 3D art, Audio / sound effects, Game design, Game development Link
16 m.nashwan (Mohammad Nashwan) Animation, Game design, Game development, Programming
17 Pixeler (Moutaz Al-Husseini) 3D art, Animation
18 Hussamadin (Hussamadain Ahmad Mousa Abushelha) Game development
19 Zaina Masalha (Zaina Masalha) 2D art
20 cis.ash (Anas Alhamdan) Programming
21 Mahdi (Mahdi Al-Farra) 2D art, Web design Link
22 Hamzeh (Hamzeh Qasem) Programming
23 Sindako-nVts- (Murad Fawwaz Naghway Dodo) 2D art
24 Halah (Halah Al-Sharif)
25 noura (Noura Khalaf)
26 ala_aburas (ala mahmoud hassan aburas) Programming
27 bayan jamal almemah (Bayan Jamal Almemah) Programming
28 rania joudeh (rania joudeh) Programming
29 Ahmad Eid (Ahmad Eid) Web design
30 MewZero (Amer Mahmoud Hejjawi) 2D art, Animation, Game design, Game development
31 marwanalqadi (marwan alqadi) 2D art, 3D art, Animation, Game design, Web design Link
32 hmh86 (Hamzeh Hejjawi)
33 hemsi (Omar Hemsi)
34 hazimhanbali (hazim hanbali) 2D art, 3D art, Game design
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