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All users associated with this jam site in order of registration for GGJ 2011. Please note that the content of this list may or may not be used by local organizers to determine admission. Please contact the site organizer for more information.

saulorv's picture
Saulo Roberto Vilela

alvarocavalcanti's picture
Alvaro Cavalcanti

Richardson Oliveira's picture
Richardson Oliveira

johnyc90's picture
João Pereira Lemos C...

husky's picture
Felipe Fernandes

EvanLins's picture
Evandro Lins

pauloc062's picture
Paulo César de Alenc...

Feralblade's picture
Matheus "Feral...

Diogo Bazante's picture
Diogo Bazante de Oli...

Leonardo Chaves's picture
Leonardo Henrique Fe...

thiagomarques_br's picture
Thiago Marques Carne...

Felipe Manga's picture
Luis Felipe Borges M...

3darkman's picture
Kirlian Silvestre

leocadiotine's picture
Leocadio de Sales Ti...

Exclama's picture
Renato José Araújo d...

rfernandoafr's picture
Fernando Antônio Far...

Jeremias Queiroga da Costa Araujo's picture
Jeremias Queirga da...

HugoAlencar's picture
Hugo Rafael Azevedo...

dragondiego7's picture
Diego Carvalho Porto

douglas.alipio's picture
Douglas Alípio Mesqu...

Rickmaru's picture
Marcos Henrique Ferr...

lccsl's picture
Leonardo Carneiro da...

edsonjr.bibi's picture
Edson José da Silva...

Igor Colares's picture
Igor Colares S. F. A...

Poesia's picture
Fabio Florencio Carn...

ageofevil's picture

victor rattis's picture
victor hugo rattis d...

thiago lopes da silva's picture
thiago lopes da silv...

douglas bahia agra's picture
douglas bahia agra

3den's picture
Marcelo Eden Siqueir...

marcio rafael ferreira pinto's picture
marcio rafael ferrei...

André Henrique de Brito Leitão's picture
André Henrique de Br...

vitor_maciel's picture
Vitor Maciel Fontes

fagner.ns's picture
Fagner Nascimento e...

pgstudio's picture
Paulo Germano Vascon...

gqueiroz's picture
Gustavo Claudios Sil...

jammer skills website
1 saulorv (Saulo Roberto Vilela) 3D art
2 alvarocavalcanti (Alvaro Cavalcanti) Game design, Game development, Programming Link
3 Richardson Oliveira (Richardson Oliveira) Programming
4 johnyc90 (João Pereira Lemos Costa) 2D art, 3D art, Game design, Story writing
5 husky (Felipe Fernandes) Programming
6 EvanLins (Evandro Lins) 2D art, 3D art, Game design, Programming, Story writing
7 pauloc062 (Paulo César de Alencar Gonçalves Filho) Programming
8 Feralblade (Matheus "Feral" Luck Lucas) 2D art, Audio / sound effects, Game design, Story writing
9 Diogo Bazante (Diogo Bazante de Oliveira) Music
10 Leonardo Chaves (Leonardo Henrique Fernandes de Souza Chaves) 2D art, Audio / sound effects, Game design, Story writing, Web design Link
11 thiagomarques_br (Thiago Marques Carneiro Ribeiro) Game development
12 Felipe Manga (Luis Felipe Borges Manga) Programming
13 3darkman (Kirlian Silvestre) Game development, Programming
14 leocadiotine (Leocadio de Sales Tiné Neto)
15 Exclama (Renato José Araújo de Albuquerque) 2D art
16 rfernandoafr (Fernando Antônio Farias Rocha) Programming
17 Jeremias Queiro... (Jeremias Queirga da Costa Araujo) Programming
18 HugoAlencar (Hugo Rafael Azevedo de Alencar) Programming
19 dragondiego7 (Diego Carvalho Porto) Programming
20 douglas.alipio (Douglas Alípio Mesquita) Programming
21 Rickmaru (Marcos Henrique Ferreira da Silva) 2D art, Web design
22 lccsl (Leonardo Carneiro da Cunha de Souza Lima) Game design Link
23 edsonjr.bibi (Edson José da Silva Junior) Animation
24 Igor Colares (Igor Colares S. F. Alves) 2D art Link
25 Poesia (Fabio Florencio Carneiro dos Santos) Audio / sound effects, Game design, Music
26 ageofevil (darkskull)
27 victor rattis (victor hugo rattis de araujo) Game development
28 thiago lopes da... (thiago lopes da silva) Programming
29 douglas bahia agra (douglas bahia agra) Game design
30 3den (Marcelo Eden Siqueira) Computer networks, Game design, Game development, Programming
31 marcio rafael f... (marcio rafael ferreira pinto) Game design
32 André Henrique ... (André Henrique de Brito Leitão) Programming
33 vitor_maciel (Vitor Maciel Fontes) Game development, Programming Link
34 fagner.ns (Fagner Nascimento e Silva) Programming
35 pgstudio (Paulo Germano Vasconcelos Lins Filho) Audio / sound effects, Music, Programming
36 gqueiroz (Gustavo Claudios Silva de Queiroz) Game design
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