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All users associated with this jam site in order of registration for GGJ 2011. Please note that the content of this list may or may not be used by local organizers to determine admission. Please contact the site organizer for more information.

AE's picture
Arvydas Burdulis

spectral's picture
Marius Paulikas

VaidasOkunis's picture
Vaidas Okunis

Simauskas's picture
Simas Balciunas

milkyfruit's picture
Domas Markevičius

Aras Pranckevicius's picture
Aras Pranckevicius

mitkus's picture
Andrius Mitkus

webas2's picture
Justas Šalkevičius

marius's picture
Marius Noreikis

velvet's picture
Indrė Lelertavičiūtė

ExC's picture
Danielius Pranckevic...

chrysler000's picture
Bernardas Navickas

3pleX's picture
Gytis Valatka

Onlainas's picture
Rytis Stankevičius

pranas's picture
Pranas Butkus

3DRycka's picture
Ričardas Jonaitis

cgexnet's picture
Algirdas N.

arvvns's picture
Arvydas Vainauskas

midime's picture
Arturas Aleksandrova...

andrius.stumbrys's picture
Andrius Stumbrys

lonelyGizmo's picture
Marius Ivaskevicius

Litho's picture
Almantas Šukelis

Martynsp's picture
Martynas Petkevičius

jammer skills website
1 AE (Arvydas Burdulis) 3D art, Game design, Game development, Programming Link
2 spectral (Marius Paulikas) 2D art, 3D art, Animation, Audio / sound effects, Game design, Music, Story writing Link
3 VaidasOkunis (Vaidas Okunis) 2D art, 3D art, Game design
4 Simauskas (Simas Balciunas) 2D art, 3D art, Game design
5 milkyfruit (Domas Markevičius) 2D art, 3D art, Game design, Story writing, Web design
6 Aras Pranckevicius (Aras Pranckevicius) Game development, Programming Link
7 mitkus (Andrius Mitkus) Game design, Game development, Programming Link
8 webas2 (Justas Šalkevičius) Programming
9 marius (Marius Noreikis) Programming
10 velvet (Indrė Lelertavičiūtė) 2D art
11 ExC (Danielius Pranckevicius) Game design
12 chrysler000 (Bernardas Navickas) Programming
13 3pleX (Gytis Valatka) 2D art
14 Onlainas (Rytis Stankevičius) Game development, Programming
15 pranas (Pranas Butkus) Programming
16 3DRycka (Ričardas Jonaitis) 2D art, 3D art, Programming
17 cgexnet (Algirdas N.) 2D art, 3D art, Animation, Game design, Game development, Programming, Web design Link
18 arvvns (Arvydas Vainauskas) Programming
19 midime (Arturas Aleksandrovas) Programming
20 andrius.stumbrys (Andrius Stumbrys) 3D art, Game design, Programming, Web design
21 lonelyGizmo (Marius Ivaskevicius) Game development Link
22 Litho (Almantas Šukelis) 2D art, 3D art, Animation, Game design
23 Martynsp (Martynas Petkevičius) Programming
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