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All users associated with this jam site in order of registration for GGJ 2011. Please note that the content of this list may or may not be used by local organizers to determine admission. Please contact the site organizer for more information.

Mathieu's picture
Mathieu L.

William SwingSwing's picture
William David

Guillaume Swing's picture
Guillaume Martin

Krobill's picture
Alain Puget

corpsmoderne's picture
Marc Planard

albob's picture
Alexis Bauchu

Garry Williams's picture
Garry Williams

Kemical's picture
Mickaël Mouillé

astrofra's picture
François Gutherz

Kev's picture

cosmografik's picture
Théo Le Du Fuentes

Jet's picture
Jet-Ming UNG

lionel jabre's picture
lionel jabre

xentor's picture
Alban De Giuli

Julien Thomas's picture
julien Thomas

kirub's picture
Bloc Benjamin

Norad's picture
Alexis Moroz

Start's picture
Serge Versille

BloodKyu's picture
Vasseaux Audry

iraldir's picture

Pierroucks's picture
Goujet Pierrick

shifty's picture
Marc Manuello

Christophe's picture
Christophe Canon

Gurvy's picture
David Kuhmel

Sutivu's picture
Ohl Steve

Yohann_Donse's picture
Donse Yohann

Dorian Screm's picture
Dorian Screm

Brian Pitet's picture
Brian Pitet

Marc antoine's picture
Dupont Marc antoine

Kilirane's picture
Antoine Druaux

Géraud's picture
Géraud de Courrèges...

flynn's picture
Florent Lamy

stoon's picture
Baptiste Hebert

tfranchomme's picture
Tiphaine Franchomme

Mysterarts's picture
Arthur Prudent

SizO's picture
Cesar Espejo

Misuuu's picture
Malachier Jimmy

Sly's picture
Sylvestre B

fanshawee's picture

Fabien's picture

c_liang's picture

Adpist's picture
Favre Colin

Nico's picture
Nicolas Conil

cbwan's picture
Sébastien Kuntz

w.a's picture
Bastien w.a

DStephan's picture
Delval Stephan

Zellerihari's picture

nicoolaas's picture

bertrand1291's picture
pujol bertrand

theo caradec's picture
Théo Caradec

a.berlemont's picture
André Berlemont

jiminiCanett's picture
kevin LESUR

Blackfall's picture
Matthieu Morizet

zaaat's picture
Louis Gauthier

Flane67's picture
Allouache Fawzi

rockclems's picture

yannmoguez's picture
yann moguez

thomas Molmy's picture

maud ggj's picture
Le Guennou Maud

Lucas Rousselot's picture
lucas rousselot

mathiasm's picture
Mathias Milhoud

Paulemile's picture
Tristan Blanchard

mathieuravaux's picture
Mathieu Ravaux

Ando's picture
Thomas Tu

gdl_epitech's picture
EPITECH Game Develop...

Omnislash's picture
Pierre Sulpice

Ninomojo's picture
Romain Gauthier

ludoku's picture
graphist 2d/3d

tomatoKetchup's picture
Thomas Chalan

canard's picture

Molloss's picture

ookami's picture
Kaupp Alexandre

dardesvilles's picture
vico tahir

powerbears's picture
Partington Len

foxynell01's picture
Nelly muele

johan spielmann's picture
Johan Spielmann

bennadaud's picture

Frederic Sommer's picture
Frederic Sommer

luckylucko's picture
Lucas Grolleau

bvicente2's picture
Vincent Brigand

Philippe Carpentier's picture
Philippe Carpentier

KawoueT's picture

Olivier's picture
Olivier Lejade

sheraff's picture
Florian Pellet

lorancou's picture
Laurent Couvidou

Blink's picture
Grégoire Andivero

har0ld's picture
Harold Pichol

benjaminathlan's picture
Benjamin Athlan

QuickSort's picture
Tollin de Rivarol

jammer skills website
1 Mathieu (Mathieu L.) Game design, Game development, Programming Link
2 William SwingSwing (William David) 2D art, Game design Link
3 Guillaume Swing (Guillaume Martin) Programming Link
4 Krobill (Alain Puget) 2D art, 3D art, Animation, Game design, Game development, Programming Link
5 corpsmoderne (Marc Planard) Computer networks, Programming Link
6 albob (Alexis Bauchu) Programming Link
7 Garry Williams (Garry Williams) Game design, Programming
8 Kemical (Mickaël Mouillé) Board game design, Computer networks, Game design, Game development, Programming Link
9 astrofra (François Gutherz) 2D art, 3D art, Programming Link
10 Kev (Kévin PASSAGEON) 2D art, 3D art Link
11 cosmografik (Théo Le Du Fuentes) 2D art, Animation, Audio / sound effects, Game design, Web design Link
12 Jet (Jet-Ming UNG) 2D art, 3D art, Animation Link
13 lionel jabre (lionel jabre) 2D art, Animation
14 xentor (Alban De Giuli) Game design
15 Julien Thomas (julien Thomas) 2D art, 3D art
16 kirub (Bloc Benjamin) Programming
17 Norad (Alexis Moroz) Game design, Story writing Link
18 Start (Serge Versille) Story writing
19 BloodKyu (Vasseaux Audry) 2D art, 3D art, Animation, Music Link
20 iraldir (Johan LAJILI) Game design, Game development, Programming, Story writing Link
21 Pierroucks (Goujet Pierrick) Game design, Programming
22 shifty (Marc Manuello) Game design Link
23 Christophe (Christophe Canon) 2D art, 3D art, Animation, Game design Link
24 Gurvy (David Kuhmel) 2D art, 3D art, Animation, Game design, Story writing
25 Sutivu (Ohl Steve) Board game design, Game design, Game development, Story writing, Web design
26 Yohann_Donse (Donse Yohann) Game design, Game development
27 Dorian Screm (Dorian Screm) Board game design, Game design, Story writing Link
28 Brian Pitet (Brian Pitet) Game design
29 Marc antoine (Dupont Marc antoine) Board game design, Game design, Story writing
30 Kilirane (Antoine Druaux) 2D art, Board game design, Game design, Game development, Music, Story writing
31 Géraud (Géraud de Courrèges d'Ustou) Game design Link
32 flynn (Florent Lamy) Game design
33 stoon (Baptiste Hebert) Game design
34 tfranchomme (Tiphaine Franchomme) 2D art, 3D art, Animation
35 Mysterarts (Arthur Prudent) Game design, Programming, Story writing, Web design Link
36 SizO (Cesar Espejo) 2D art, 3D art Link
37 Misuuu (Malachier Jimmy) 2D art, 3D art, Animation Link
38 Sly (Sylvestre B) Game design, Game development, Programming
39 fanshawee (Roy) Game design Link
40 Fabien (Cazenabe) 2D art, 3D art Link
41 c_liang (liang_cedric) 2D art, 3D art, Animation
42 Adpist (Favre Colin) Programming
43 Nico (Nicolas Conil) Game development, Music, Programming
44 cbwan (Sébastien Kuntz) Programming
45 w.a (Bastien w.a) Audio / sound effects
46 DStephan (Delval Stephan) Audio / sound effects
47 Zellerihari (Romain) Music
48 nicoolaas (BOURDON Nicolas) Audio / sound effects
49 bertrand1291 (pujol bertrand) Audio / sound effects
50 theo caradec (Théo Caradec) Audio / sound effects
51 a.berlemont (André Berlemont) Game development, Programming Link
52 jiminiCanett (kevin LESUR) Game development, Programming
53 Blackfall (Matthieu Morizet) 2D art, Audio / sound effects, Music
54 zaaat (Louis Gauthier) Game design, Story writing
55 Flane67 (Allouache Fawzi) Game design, Music, Story writing
56 rockclems (BOSSION Clément) Audio / sound effects
57 yannmoguez (yann moguez) 2D art, 3D art, Board game design, Game design, Story writing, Web design
58 thomas Molmy (molmy) Audio / sound effects
59 maud ggj (Le Guennou Maud) 2D art, 3D art, Animation
60 Lucas Rousselot (lucas rousselot) Audio / sound effects, Music
61 mathiasm (Mathias Milhoud) Game design, Story writing
62 Paulemile (Tristan Blanchard) Animation, Audio / sound effects, Game design, Music
63 mathieuravaux (Mathieu Ravaux) Computer networks, Game development, Programming
64 Ando (Thomas Tu) Programming
65 gdl_epitech (EPITECH Game Development Laboratory) Game development Link
66 Omnislash (Pierre Sulpice) Programming
67 Ninomojo (Romain Gauthier) Audio / sound effects, Music
68 ludoku (graphist 2d/3d) 2D art, 3D art Link
69 tomatoKetchup (Thomas Chalan) 3D art, Game design, Music, Story writing Link
70 canard (Canard) 2D art, Animation, Game design
71 Molloss (Julien ADOLPHE) Game development, Programming Link
72 ookami (Kaupp Alexandre) Game development, Programming Link
73 dardesvilles (vico tahir) 2D art Link
74 powerbears (Partington Len) Game design
75 foxynell01 (Nelly muele) 2D art
76 johan spielmann (Johan Spielmann) 2D art, 3D art, Animation, Board game design, Game design, Story writing
77 bennadaud (nadaud) 3D art
78 Frederic Sommer (Frederic Sommer) Game design Link
79 luckylucko (Lucas Grolleau) Music Link
80 bvicente2 (Vincent Brigand) Audio / sound effects
81 Philippe Carpentier (Philippe Carpentier) Game design
82 KawoueT (Vincent LE GUILLOU) 2D art, 3D art Link
83 Olivier (Olivier Lejade)
84 sheraff (Florian Pellet) 2D art, Music, Programming, Story writing
85 lorancou (Laurent Couvidou) Programming Link
86 Blink (Grégoire Andivero) Audio / sound effects, Game design, Music
87 har0ld (Harold Pichol) Audio / sound effects, Game design Link
88 benjaminathlan (Benjamin Athlan) Programming, Story writing, Web design
89 QuickSort (Tollin de Rivarol) Programming, Web design
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