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All users associated with this jam site in order of registration for GGJ 2011. Please note that the content of this list may or may not be used by local organizers to determine admission. Please contact the site organizer for more information.

imwill's picture
will jeon

Arthie Shin Kwon's picture
Arthur Zozimo Teixei...

kobi3000's picture
Ko Kang Hyuck

istoriae's picture
Kay Kim

debugger's picture
Kim, Young Soo

AshyGrey's picture
Kim Sinhyub

SUMIN LEE's picture

hisfact's picture
Soo churl. Shin

강건우's picture

이충광's picture
Lee Choong Kwang

zoe's picture
Min Eun Hong

sori's picture
Sol-Yee Park

박현준's picture
박 현준

BoramKim's picture
Kim Boram

Seongwook Seo's picture
Seongwook Seo

chorice's picture
Moonhyoung Park

Park Jinhyung's picture
Park Jinhyung

Young-a Seo's picture
Young-a Seo

Atonal's picture
Lee, Junhee

jeddal_yail0's picture
Donghee Lee

heomingu's picture
Heo mingu

Sanghyun Yu's picture
Sanghyun Yu

Klazz's picture

yjh0502's picture
Jihyun Yu

Nahroo's picture
Nahroo Song

Lenscat's picture
Lee Ho Jin

kalsbold's picture
Park jung min

RUICHEL's picture
심 연

aufhebene's picture
Pyungho Shin

reizen's picture
Cha Jin-Hyuck

BUSUT's picture

KyoungKyuTak's picture
Kyu-Tak Kyoung

yoolkim83's picture

akarolls's picture
Jo YoungWon

jammer skills website
1 imwill (will jeon) Programming
2 Arthie Shin Kwon (Arthur Zozimo Teixeira Dias) 2D art, Story writing
3 kobi3000 (Ko Kang Hyuck) Programming
4 istoriae (Kay Kim) Game design Link
5 debugger (Kim, Young Soo) Game design
6 AshyGrey (Kim Sinhyub) Game development
7 SUMIN LEE (SuMin) Game development
8 hisfact (Soo churl. Shin) Story writing
9 강건우 (강건우) Game development
10 이충광 (Lee Choong Kwang) 2D art
11 zoe (Min Eun Hong) Game design
12 sori (Sol-Yee Park) Programming
13 박현준 (박 현준) Board game design
14 BoramKim (Kim Boram) Game design
15 Seongwook Seo (Seongwook Seo) Game design Link
16 chorice (Moonhyoung Park) Programming
17 Park Jinhyung (Park Jinhyung)
18 Young-a Seo (Young-a Seo) 2D art, 3D art, Game design, Story writing
19 Atonal (Lee, Junhee) 2D art, Audio / sound effects, Computer networks, Game design, Game development, Music, Programming Link
20 jeddal_yail0 (Donghee Lee) 2D art, Game design Link
21 heomingu (Heo mingu) Game design
22 Sanghyun Yu (Sanghyun Yu) Game development
23 Klazz (Klazz) Programming
24 yjh0502 (Jihyun Yu) Game development
25 Nahroo (Nahroo Song) Game design
26 Lenscat (Lee Ho Jin) Game design
27 kalsbold (Park jung min) Programming
28 RUICHEL (심 연) Game design Link
29 aufhebene (Pyungho Shin) Programming
30 reizen (Cha Jin-Hyuck) Programming
31 BUSUT (최영지) 2D art
32 KyoungKyuTak (Kyu-Tak Kyoung) Game design Link
33 yoolkim83 (yoolkim83) Programming
34 akarolls (Jo YoungWon) Game development
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